Reboot Coming!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, March 3 2015

It's time for a refresh around here! Behind the scenes we are putting the finishing touches to a whole new look at, the longest running Rainbow Six fansite in the universe.

Rainbow Six Siege Pre-Order

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 15 2015

Amazon are taking Rainbow Six Siege Pre-Orders with an anticipated release date of Christmas this year.There's been a gaming movement gathering pace for years now to stop pre-ordering games, and with the Rainbow Six series already having one title canned (Patriots), fans will be thinking twice before placing an order this early for Siege. Just sayin'

Rainbow Six Patriots Top the Chart

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, December 28 2014

Rainbow Six Patriots has managed to top a new Redbull gaming chart, unfortunately it is their "Biggest Cancelled Games of 2014" listing.

Patriots sit above seven other titles that were cancelled last year inlcuding Prey 2 and World of Darkness. Of course the good news for Rainbow Six fans being that the next game in the series wasn't so much cancelled, as morphed into a new title - Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft will be drip feeding us new Rainbow Six Siege game assets and news throughout 2015 so fingers crossed for some quality information over the coming months.

Malleus' AI Mod

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 12 2014

Malleus' fantastic AI mod for Raven Shield is getting some deserved attention right now due to a new video review on Youtube. You can read all about this Rainbow Six Raven Shield mod here.

Watch the video review and download Malleus' AI mod for Raven Shield here.

Ramping Up Rainbow Six

Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 5 2014

Ubisoft are ramping up the resources working on Rainbow Six Siege with over 3 times the size of dev team than was on the project this time last year.

Ubisoft's Montreal studio has become the centre of all things Rainbow Six as they prepare for a 2015 launch.

We're expecting a news release possibly with more footage, and news of the pre launch beta phase before Christmas so stay tuned!

Rainbow Six Siege Announced

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, June 10 2014

We've ALL the information on this new Rainbow Six title in our brand new Rainbow Six Siege Forums . Artwork and Q/A sessions are also included!

R6 Vegas 2 Top Six TH Tips

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, January 2 2014

We love Rainbow Six Terrorist Hunts, always have. In Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Terrorist Hunt was tweaked with new features to enhance the challenge. For tactical and twitch gamers alike, Rainbow Six still offers a great terrorist hunt experience. So, we put together a Top Six Tips for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Terrorist Hunt success. The report includes all the achievements and server set up options, enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year R6 Fans!

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, December 25 2013

Here at we'd like to wish all Rainbow Six fans everywhere best wishes for the coming new year, and hopefully news on the next Rainbow Six title! In the meantime, perhaps dust off Vegas 2 and use our tips in the previous news post to rank up without any delay!

Vegas 2 PEC XP Award System Explained

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, December 25 2013

If you've been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 recently, perhaps waiting for the next Rainbows Six, and perhaps playing on Steam, you'll know that gaining XP is vital to ranking up your character.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the most recent title in the , R6 Series, so start the new year getting to know the Vegas 2 PEC XP Award System!

Rainbow Six Patriots Update

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, December 14 2013

After a long quiet spell Ubisoft has eventually come out with a not altogether clear update on the hotly anticipated next gen Rainbow Six title. Pave Low has posted a quick summary of what's new here in the forums.

Happy Birthday Redstorm

Posted by Rocky on Monday, November 4 2013

Happy Birthday to the studio that brought us Rainbow Six - Red Storm Entertainment,  17 today!

Tom Clancy Passes

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, October 2 2013

Tom Clancy died Tuesday night in a Baltimore hospital. The co-founder of Red Storm Entertainment who brought us Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon passed on aged 66. Pay your respects in our sister site's Ghost Recon forums here.

Rainbow Six Patriots?

Posted by Rocky on Friday, August 23 2013

Ubisoft have made some pretty big promises for the next Rainbow Six title in a new interview with IGN. While adding a little speculation about the title of the next game in the Rainbow Six tactical shooter series, they did have this to say...

"We want to make sure, on this one, like all the other games we're working on, that we bring it when we feel it's perfect..."
and this
"We want people who play the next Rainbow 6 to be astonished..."

So, no release date, no title, and some statements we really hope Ubisoft can deliver on!

Takedown:Red Sabre Pre-Order Now!

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, August 22 2013

Takedown:Red Sabre just took a massive step towards release with a pre-order page on Steam now activated!

For those of you that have been under a rock for the past few months, Takedown:Red Sabre is the Kickstarter project launched by Christian "Ghost Recon" "Serellan" "Rainbow Six" Allen.

Follow the release of this tactical shooter on the official forums but whatever you do, pre-order Takedown:Red Sabre now!

Authentic Audio from Red Storm

Posted by Rocky on Monday, June 24 2013

Here's an intersting article on how Rainbow Six developers Red Storm manage to create immersive games using incredible sound capture techniques. Read it at Authentic Audio.

Rainbow Six Next Gen

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, June 18 2013

Ubisoft's Tony Key has stated that there will be a new Rainbow Six, coming to next gen consoles, but stopped shirt of confirming it will be the much anticipated Rainbow Six Patriots.

We're absolutely making another Rainbow Six. We've already said so. We just, as we enter this new generation, have to make sure we make the right game at the right time with the right feature sets

It was way back in 2012 that Rainbow Six Patriots was first announced, after this news it's looking like a 2014 release for the next Rainbow Six title.

Patriots Bumped by The Division

Posted by Rocky on Monday, June 10 2013

Ubisoft revealed a new Tom Clancy franchise moments ago at the climax of their E3 presentation - Tom Clancy's The Division.

Tom Clancy The Division

The Division is an online next gen console title in an open world environment. Feature co-op play for 4 gamers, The Division looked great, alas with no mention of Rainbow Six Patriots it seems clear that The Division is Ubisoft's prime Tom Clancy game for both next gen console's launch line-ups.

Available in 2014 for the Xbox One and PS4, The Division already has a brand new shiny official forum at Ubisoft, find out more here.

Rainbow Six Patriots PS3

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, June 4 2013

The lack of official news of Rainbow Six Patriots has led to speculation that the title has been delayed specifically as a PS4 launch title. However, this RSE employe resume would indicate that a PS3 version is still on the cards.


Rainbow Six Patriots Cancelled, or is it....

Posted by Rocky on Friday, May 17 2013

When Gamestop removed Rainbow Six : Patriots from it's pre-oder store this week, the rumour mill went wild that the much anticipated continuation of the Rainbow Six series had stalled.

Considering that also this week Ubisoft's CEO failed to mention Rainbow Six Patriots at all when talking about Ubisoft's releases, it's hardly surprising that this title with a faltering development phase is being subject to questions about it's future.

What to remember however is that a Ubi Dev mentioned only a few weeks ago that progess was still being made on the title.

We've been around for over a decade now, supporting the Rainbow Six series and if you want to know what we are putting out money on, we're only saying two things : Rainbow fans, fear not....

Next Gen. E3.

No R6:Patriots this year?

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, May 15 2013

Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot today announced 5 major releases for the coming 12 months, including two as yet unannounced new titles. Look forward to triple A titles Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watch Dogs. Missing though, is any mention of Raibow Six Patriots.

Rainbow Six Patriots Maps Complete

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, March 31 2013

As another month slips by with no Rainbow Six Patriot news, in an interview with Polygon, Jade Raymond of Ubisoft slipped in that the multiplayer maps on Rainbow Six Patriots are complete. More news as it trickles in...


Rainbow Six Patriots heading for WiiU

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 16 2013

Leaked information appears to confirm that Raibow Six Patriots will be heading for Nintendo's WiiU console.

Read more in our Rainbow Six Patriots forums.


Rainbow Six Patriots Download

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, January 3 2013

Rainbow Six fans received an early New Year bonus from Ubisoft this week when they received Rainbow Six Patriot Download instructions for their pre-orders on the next Rainbow Six title.

Unfortunately this turned out to be an administrative error and fans are now awaiting a credit on their account for the money debited from their accounts!

R6 : Patriots Box Art

Posted by Rocky on Monday, December 3 2012

Check out this box art for Rainbow Six Patriots.

R6 Patriots Box Art

Of course this is an unofficial design, courtesy of reytime.

Do you think this is better than the official boxart? Let is know in our R6 Patriots forums!

Rainbow Six Patriots Updates

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, November 11 2012

It's been very queit on the Rainbow Six Patriots front recently, infact no news since the surprise dev shake up over 6 months ago. That's about to change though with new information leaking out about the new direction for Rainbow Six Patriots.

Rumour has it that Rainbow Six Patriots is going to benefit from a more open gameplay with less on-the-rails action sections, and more open ended gameplay. Players will be able to roam the area picking up intel and planning their own attack options. Additionally missions may have multiple endings, providing replay value for offline campiagn gamers.

We're also expecting to see new and innovative use of the Xbox Kinect including face recognition.

Finally, expect to see a similar app tie in to the Ghost Recon Network, where gamers can continue their Rainbow Six experience while on the move with a fully featured Rainbow Six Patriots app. The Ghost Recon Netwrok app is already a huge success with gamers cusomising weapons and taking part in competions. Ubisoft may have plans to take such an app to the next level with a Rainbow Six Network, possibly even including geolocation features.

Whether or not Rainbow Six Patriots is going to be a next gen title only, or will be released for current gen consoles is open to specualtion. It all sounds extremely positive and exciting, now we just have to wait on an official announcement from Ubisoft!

Ground Branch

Posted by Rocky on Monday, July 2 2012

With little in the way of news or updates on Rainbow Six Patriots, why not turn your attention to Ground Branch, a tactical shooter from John Sondecker. John worked on the original and best Rainbow Six game back in the day, and now he is working on Ground Branch with the main aim of making a quality tactical shooter for gamers.

His Kickstarter is nearing its end date so the final push is on! Head over to the Ground Branch Kickstarter page now and make your no-risk pledge now!


Posted by Rocky on Monday, March 26 2012

So you want a tactical shooter that requires you to think straight as well as shoot straight, you know, like Rainbow six did?

Well, you're going to want to check this out, Takedown, from Christian Allen, yeh the Ghost Recon guy. Watch his latest video, it's cool.

Six days to go, pledge your support and let's get a true tactical, realistic CQB shooter back on the cards!

Patriots Dev Shuffle

Posted by Rocky on Friday, March 9 2012

Ubisoft is reported to have carried out a major reshuffle of the Rainbow Six Patriots Dev team.

Out go all of the above guys, David Sears (creative director), lead designer Philippe Therien, and animation director Brent George. You might remember those guys from the impressive "The Technology Behind Rainbow Six Patriots" video.

The calm, assured prescence of David Sears and the obvious enthusiam of Therien and George impressed everyone who watched that video and their departure has given rise to some speculation about the future for Rainbow Six Patriots.

As we pondered in our last news post, did the gritty and controversial trailers released thus far go too far? Is Rainbow Six Patriots about to be toned down? The answer may lie with Ubisoft's Jean-Sebastien Decant, the new project Creative Director. Check out what Decant had to say about hardcore gamers when he was tasked with making Driver San Fransisco more accessible last summer.

Worrying, or exciting development? Let us know!

Has Rainbow Six Patriots Gone Too Far?

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, December 22 2011

Business Insider thinks that Ubisoft may have gone too far with their graphic and disturbing trailers for Rainbow Six Patriots.

Fortunately for gamers who do not find this type of promotion disturbing, they have kindly embedded similar videos from other games, all one one page, check it out.

Rainbow Six Patriots Trailer No.2

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, December 11 2011

As we revealed last week, a new Rainbow Six Patriots trailer was due for release this weekend, and here it is. Continuing the gritty and violent story line of the first trailer, this latest trailer features mass casualties due to terrorist action. Discuss in our Rainbow Six Patriots forum.

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