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Blackwolfes R6V Modified Files
Added: 06/07/08 04:11 AM
Description: ***Blackwolfes R6V Modified Files***

*The purpose of these modifications isn't to "cheat" it's more like "enhancing" the gameplay and adding some realism to sertain features.


1* Handguns.
2* Submachineguns.
3* Assault-Rifles.
4* Shotguns.
5* Light Machineguns.
6* Sniper-Rifles.
7* Gadgets/Grenades.
8* Optional Files
9* Final Notes.


Handguns have increased fire-rate.
(like in counterstrike, except Deagle and Bull because it looked wierd)

Glock18 now has an extended clip option that holds 32 bullets.
(Good option for ppl with shield)

All Handguns now have recoil stocks.

All Handguns are now more accurate when using blind-fire.

Acog scopes as an option for the handguns that weren't screwed up by it.
(zooms like a scope without the crosshair unless from a wallhug)


All smg's now have sniperscopes as an option.

P90 now has recoil stock.

MAC11 has semi fire.

The ump45,mp5,mp9,mac11 now have extended clips.

(for the ppl that want more action out of an smg)


FAMAS has extended mag.

AUG now has recoil stock.

All assault-rifles except the aug have riflescopes like the smg's
(because u dont want a x6 zoom in tight corners)


M3 has sniperscope x6/x12 as an option.
(just because i culd)

XM26LSS has an extended clip, sniperscope and recoil stock.


All light machineguns are now able to fire semi/auto.

All light machineguns have optional extended clips that have 200 instead of 100.


Sniper-rifles now all have lasersights.

Psg-1 has increased firerate and riflescope for CQB sniping.


Frag/Flash/Smoke/Fire/C4/Breach Upgraded to x10 instead of x3.

Smoke deployes faster.
(0.5 instead of 1.5)

Optional file (KellerDamageTypesConfig) makes explosions more intense.


Optional files are:
KellerDamageTypesConfig (explosions tweaked, now more intense)
KellerAIActionTypeConfig (AI tweaked, now throws more nades)


*Does NOT get reported by punkbuster as cheats/hacks as long as YOU are the one hosting with the files, otherwise ALL ppl playing will need the same files.
(i.ex pc with no mod hosts = you cant join unless you put back normal files)
(If server with mod hosts and you dont have the same files you can still play but will probobly experience alot of bugs)

*NO errors or bugs have been found.

*Works 100% for the computer WITH these file/s.

*Does NOT fuck up any other settings or savefiles.

*Don't forget to make BACKUP's of the original files

*Feel free to share the files (FOR FREE) but plz give me creds

*Last but not least ENJOY!

Creator/Author: Blackwolf
Version: v1.0
File Size (MB): 1
Last Download: 29/09/19 09:11 PM
Downloads: 836
(4 Ratings) 
Filesize: Unknown
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