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Vegas 2 Map Pack 1
Added: 06/07/08 04:20 AM
Description: Official Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Map Pack (AKA Gift Pack)

There are three maps included in the free map pack: Murdertown – Dark, CQB Training – Dark and best of all the much-requested fan favourite Calypso Casino! The three map layouts have not been changed. The re-lit “Dark maps” have a very eerie atmosphere, and may require players to use night vision to spot enemies. Calypso Casino returns with updated lighting and textures. The three maps are playable in all Versus modes and Terrorist Hunt.
Creator/Author: Ubisoft
File Size (MB): 151
Last Download: 06/12/18 08:49 PM
Downloads: 2166
(14 Ratings) 
Filesize: Unknown
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which console is this for?

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