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  2. From todays mailbag

    I really do not know where to start with this one, so many questions come to mind....
  3. Yeah man we will never let it die! I know this forum isn't active really anymore. But I really want to get the word out!
  4. Awesome you are keeping RVS alive, more power to you!
  5. The game is still online and we built a large community again. Join us sometime. - R6CHAT.com for Discord text and voice chat community. - ALLR6.com for the patch (http://www.allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=3) and forums. We also have many modders, new maps, new skins for tangos and rainbow operatives as well as M203 grenade launcher attachment, tactical light attachment, custom gun camo and tons of stuff like ACOG, Holographic, Red Dot sights. and more always being added. - Steam Group at https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ALLR6 Join the #r6modding channel on the Discord. We have several coders and map makers! Could always use more!
  6. The game is still online and we built a large community again. Join us sometime. - R6CHAT.com for Discord text and voice chat community. - ALLR6.com for the patch (http://www.allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=3) and forums. We also have many modders, new maps, new skins for tangos and rainbow operatives as well as M203 grenade launcher attachment, tactical light attachment, custom gun camo and tons of stuff like ACOG, Holographic, Red Dot sights. and more always being added. - Steam Group at https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ALLR6
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  8. Hosting On A Router

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  9. Hello all, I have a few weapons with scopes that I want to reduce the amount that the view zooms in. I've found a weapons(namespecific).U ".u" file that shows max weapon zoom values. Is this where I would change these? I tried in notepad to no avail. So, I found the SDK editor and tried to lower the hex values where it says max zoom values to no avail. Where do you locate the values to change the zoom values for weapons and how do you change them? I   THANK YOU, todd
  10. Headshots/Firefights

    Agreed, but probably better posted on the UBISOFT forums as UBISOFT moderators are there to gather information for developers.
  11. Headshots/Firefights

    Okay I have been playing RB6 since last December. I am dedicated to this game simply because I have played all the new games that have came out and I still come back to Rainbow.  I registered to forums to voice out my opinions that might help make the game better for year 2. Being a level 157 I hope you all can respect my thoughts.   Head shots. Ever since the latest DLC of Red Crow. Been super easy to get head shots. Not only is it easy to get the head shots. Its easy to get shot in the head. I feel prior to the DLC I could actually have a fun firefight with the enemy because neck shots did not count as a "instantaneous death". Now? I find myself in a firefight and it just ends way to quickly. I like it before how it was just little bit more challenging to receive or get shot in the head!   Also, I feel like while a user is on Tachanka's turret they should be able to look at cameras with out having to exit the turret. Would be cool if the animation showed him resting his phone and hands on the turret? I find it unfortunate that he can't look at his cameras while on the turret. Thanks!
  12. How to play online (after the September 2016 UBISoft shutdown) As you may be aware, UBISoft disabled the master game servers for Raven Shield that facilitate the online portion of this game.  This caused all players to lose the server list, most servers to become non-responsive, and many players to be unable to log in. I have released a patch to fix this.  OpenRVS is a small mod that bypasses UBISoft's built-in requirement for a master server.  It removes the requirement for dedicated servers to register with a master server, removes the need for CD keys and UBI logins, and fixes many bugs in the multiplayer connection system. In conjunction with rvsgaming.org, OpenRVS will also give you the in-game server list back.  Rvsgaming.org's server list is community maintained and curated, and includes known active servers. Get the OpenRVS patch here (current version is 0.7).
  13. How cool was Article 5, I'd say extremely. And a clever way to finish off the faux campaign, ie Situations. Really enjoyed that, and the situations have good replay value too, so while disappointed at no campaign, Ubi did a good job with the Situations building to the climax MP mission, very cool.
  14. So disappointed right now that my GTX 780 with 3Gb of RAM means I cannot run the new HD texture pack which needs 4Gb of RAM. The 780 runs everything I throw at it great so it doens't make sense to shell out for a GTX970 with 4Gb of RAM. Grrrrrrr. Patch Notes Screenshots
  15. We are delighted to announce that AGR-S will be at e3 2015 courtesy of Ubisoft. This enables us to get direct access to the developers and hands-on with Rainbow Six Siege at e3 and the Uplay lounge. Rocky and Deosl will be attending e3 and the Uplay lounge in Los Angeles. If you are going, don't be afraid to say hi! If you have any questions for developers, let us know in the comment section, forums or twitter.
  16. Hi guys, I just recently reinstalled Rainbow Six after several years and every time I try to open the game it goes to a black screen and then crashes. I am on Win 7 64 Bit btw. Does anyone know a work around for this?
  17. Now tell me you're not just itching to play this timeless classic again. I'm game. Now, where's that disk...
  18. Ubisoft Sales on Steam this weekend, some real bargains if you still have some Ubi games on your wishlist.
  19. Got Siege PC specific questions? Ubisoft community manager eletr1cpanda on Reddit is asking for PC specific questions regarding Rainbow Six: Siege. If you have any questions, head over here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/2wblfz/what_questions_do_you_have_about_the_pc_version/
  20. I'm posting this here to share, it was originally posted by midnabreu at ghostrecon.net. Malleus, Thank you sincerely for all your hard work. This is an absolute game changer for Raven Shield and the Tactical genre. This is some of the absolute best AI I've worked with in a tactical shooter and is revolutionary. This is the elite counter terrorism AI that should have been from the classic release. Note: I wonder if Malleus has any AI mods for the original Rainbow 6 and Rouge Spear? Burner Raven Shield 2.0 and Malleus' AI MODhttp://www.blackfootstudios.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4830 You can get the latest version 1.05 from here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/g103wsgujsg88xc/M_AIMod_105C_b1.rar Remove Googles:RavenShield\Mods\ravenshield.mod file in your game folder and edit that file with notepad. You just have to comment out the command line "m_PlayerCtrlToSpawn=RVSComplete.RVS2PC" by adding a double slash "//" in front of it and save --1.00 Features Stop To Engage ROE-when set to Infiltrate or Recon, AI will stop to engage-when set to Assault, AI will fire on the move-ROE no longer switches from Infiltrate or Recon to Assault without player or plan inputPlan accordingly. This only applies to AI led teams - AI in player led teams will just follow the player. Strafe Fix-the AI will now strafe when the angle between the direction to the actual waypoint and the next waypoint is between 45 and 135 degreesOriginally it was just a 45 degree rule, but that meant that when the AI was supposed to make a 180 degree turn, they went backwards to that waypoint, and sometimes, got killed... Single Shot-the AI will now fire in Single Shot mode with all weapons except the USAS-12USAS-12 is too slow on Single Shot, but otherwise R6 team will conserve ammo with other weapons this way, and also, pros don't use full auto Emergency Swap-if the AI runs out of ammo and there are still enemies in sight, it switches to the secondary weapon instead of attempting to reload the primaryHappens very rarely, but it can get the team member killed. Now they have slightly more chance to survive, since it's quicker to draw the secondary than to reload the primary. Wide FOV-AI peripherial vision is now set to 120 degrees from the center of viewOriginal setting is 80 degrees. This is to compensate for the fact that the AI doesn't look around, and to prevent some embarrassing deaths. Execute ROE-when set to Recon, AI will arrest surrendered terrorists-when set to Infiltrate or Assault, AI will execute surrendered terroristsStopping to arrest tangos can screw up the pacing of the plan, and put the arresting operator at risk. AI in player led teams will ignore surrendered enemies on Recon unless told to secure, and shoot them on Infiltrate or Assault.This does not apply to Gutierrez and Miccini No Run'n'Gun-if the AI is set to Blitz speed but encounters an enemy, it will slow to a walk until the next waypoint which tells them to Blitz again No Firing while Crouchwalking-if the AI is crouchwalking, it will stop to engage
  21. Ubisoft have announced the future of Rainbow Six at E3 yesterday, and it is counterstrike meets team rainbow. The latest plan for Rainbow Six takes the shape of a 5 v 5 urban shooter for next gen consoles and PC. Ubisoft have taken the much lamented single player tactical planning phase from the original game and turned it into what looks like a live action interactive pre-insert planning phase.. Staff Rainbow Six brand director : Alexander RemyRainbow Six creative director : Xavier MarquisRainbow Six Siege Studio : Developer Ubisoft MontrealOfficial Description Ubisoft explain that Siege is a ground up production with no carry over from the defunct Patriots. The current design assetss do however carry over the pistol "6" logo.
  22. More worrying developments with IGN reporting that Gamestop have actively removed the title from their system, http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/05/16/rainbow-6-patriots-pre-orders-removed-from-gamestop "What is going on with this game?" indeed
  23. IW Download?

    Does anyone know if there is an active downlooad link for Iron Wrath still in existance anywhere?
  24. Hi, I've been a member at GR.net for quite awhile and I finally bought R6: Raven Shield awhile back to play with my clan. After posting this question in the Ghost Recon forums I got a friendly request to post here, instead So, here's the problem. Raven Shield works fine for me in online mode through the game; I can join all the dedicated servers with no trouble. The problems begin when I am hosting. In GameRanger, everyone gets a black screen when they try to join my game. In the game's built-in browser, they get the message 'SERVER DID NOT RESPOND' when trying to join my server. I get that same 'SERVER DID NOT RESPOND' message when I try to join another friend's server too. Any way we can resolve these issues? We are all patched to v1.60
  25. For nearly a month now I've been unable to sign into the game, don't have it installed at the moment so I don't have the exact message but it appeared the master server for Lockdown (PC) is down... Can anyone confirm? Can anyone else sign into Ubi.com and play multiplayer? The official forums and Steam seem to suggest Ubi too the server off-line, which is pretty strange as Ubi was still selling the game on Uplay till recently and there appear to be substantial retail inventories...
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