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  1. From todays mailbag

    I really do not know where to start with this one, so many questions come to mind....
  2. Awesome you are keeping RVS alive, more power to you!
  3. Well this is a tad unsettling. I had planned on reinstalling Rogue Spear and Urban Ops for RSE's anniversary, but the discs are nowhere to be found! Original RS box - manual NO disc Rainbow Six Collectors Box - T-shirt, Mousemat, Manual - No disc ######?!
  4. Rainbowsix Siege goes live on ESL !

    Good to see you around and nice to know you have a real "clan" backing you up now lol.
  5. Rainbowsix Siege goes live on ESL !

    Holden, how you doing buddy!
  6. Forums Upgraded

    Any issues with the new forums, let me know!
  7. Article 5 - No Spoliers

    I seriously cannot believe you.
  8. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    Blimey I didn't realise that. There's a good season pass selling point then.
  9. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    25,000? A normal unlock is 1500?
  10. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    It is extreme fun to play. The season pass is not required, Ubisoft are dishing out all the xtras for free anyway.
  11. How cool was Article 5, I'd say extremely. And a clever way to finish off the faux campaign, ie Situations. Really enjoyed that, and the situations have good replay value too, so while disappointed at no campaign, Ubi did a good job with the Situations building to the climax MP mission, very cool.
  12. Rainbowsix Siege goes live on ESL !

    Looks like it has taken off with a healthy amount of matches, will take a closer look this week, thanks!
  13. Ultra HD texture pack

    8% of gamers have 4Gb VRAM Steam survey.
  14. So disappointed right now that my GTX 780 with 3Gb of RAM means I cannot run the new HD texture pack which needs 4Gb of RAM. The 780 runs everything I throw at it great so it doens't make sense to shell out for a GTX970 with 4Gb of RAM. Grrrrrrr. Patch Notes Screenshots