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  1. Some friends and I set up a RS LAN at school.. heh. Anyway, I want some good maps and good weapons to play with. Any suggestions? I already have the NMM mod and am running R6:RS @ v2.05. NOUO or BT.
  2. Very cool! I think this would be better for the iPad though. Too bad I don't have one.
  3. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    As of August 4th I'm gone for quite a while. EST night times are fairly well taken for me as well, near the weekend. Maybe if we can plan a time for 6PM EST on a weekday? Although, that's kinda late for you GMTers. I don't get home from work until 5:30PM EST though, oh boy. I am off on Fridays and weekends though...
  4. Sart, Pave, guys, anyone... I'd love some good COOP with you all. Let me know if you're up for it.
  5. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    Baha, we need a firm date to commit to, lol. Anyone care to name it? Pave? T? Noraf? Someone? I'm not on enough to do it, but if someone can organize, or I can help them organize, that'd be sweet.
  6. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    Wow, sorry guys. Real Life took a VERY unexpected toll. So I've been out for a while. I'd like to get a game of several of us up if we can. As I've said. So... Let's try and get a time for maybe the coming weekend? I'm EST, as far as time, so that's GMT -5 this time of year I believe. It becomes GMT -6 later, right? We've got the TS server, we just need a game host... T_1? Can you do this? If we can agree on a time, maybe Saturday, I'll shoot out PMs etc.
  7. Bah, it happens. We all have greater things to attend to (hence the delay in this post).
  8. This needs to be written. Rocky, you're welcome to it. This is my second version of it... my PC crashed the first time through. If you want to turn it into a report, that'd be fine. I don't care. While I have your attention, the original report isn't featured on the Intel page. Maybe I'm mising it somewhere. I had to search the forums to find the link. Darn filters! *Okay, I finished typing. It's midnight on Saturday (now Sunday) sorry for any spelling errors or typos. I'm tired, time for bed. It took me roughly half an hour to type all that up for your reading pleasure. Anyway, here's the report. It's not like the old one, it's basically a guide. ---------------- So You're a Raven Shield "Pistols Only" Newbie? Introduction: This is a follow up to my original Kick A$$ Newbie Report. "Pistols Only" is an Adversarial mode that is widely popular in RVS. What's amazing about it is that it's a user created gameplay mode, so finding a server requires some looking, but most are well advertised. But, there's no Filter for the game-type. For the sake of this report, I will discuss ONLY RVS, not Athena Sword. Pistols Only started only a few months after the release of RVS. Some of the first true Pistols servers were played on the map "The Door2" (an awesome map, too bad no one plays it anymore). I was among the first to really try and organize Pistols only clans and servers (but I worked under an alias, hence why no one knows who "Ruin" is). But, real life took its toll and I had to lay down RVS for a while. Well, today after a couple hours of Pistols (and rediscovering my trigger finger still has its touch) I decided a Newbie Report had to be written; simply because there are too many people playing this amazing game type like newbies! The Game: The game "Pistols Only" (called pistols from here on out) is a simple set of kit restrictions. Again, you wont be able to Filter this one out, you just have to read server titles and see if they mention pistols, most do. The restrictions limit you to only pistols (with supressors or high capacity magazines) and secondary magazines. Basically, a gun and tons of ammo. With the ability to make new maps fairly easily there are a series of maps geared towards pistols play. Major clans (such as DoD and GF) have their own maps. You will run across msot of these in gameplay and be forced to download them. Sorry dial-up users, it happens. This makes learning a new map absolutley critical. The Weapons: Since you have absolutley no other weapon other than your trusty pistol, you must, under no uncertain terms, be completely comfortable with the gun you choose. Realize that every weapon has it's pros and cons and each are well suited for different situations. What I will attempt to give you here is my honest opinion of each and what situation they're good for, just to help you get started. I no particular order: *Note: All weapon reviews work under the assumption that the gun is being used with a high capacity (extended) magazine. SPP (9mm) The SPP is basically a pea-shooter. It ranks right up there with the AP Army + SD as far as effectiveness. I have seen people actually makes Adversarial kills with this gun, but it's rare. For competitive play (where most are using Mk23s) this gun is a good waste of your time. I gave this gun a shot for about two rounds before giving it the finger and laying it down. Pros: None, well, sounds kinda cool I guess. Cons: No stopping power, no accuracy, and broad range, virtually useless. Situation: Comedy? AP Army (5.7mm) A severly under used weapon. It's a fairly nice gun, but like the SPP it doesn't really compete with the others. It is effective in close quarters (CQB) and sounds great. But, it doesn't carry enough bullets for your sake. In it's defense, you can catch people off guard and get some good kills, and in a game with only APs, you'll see their effectiveness, but they just can't compete with other side-arms. Pros: Cool sound; makes an entertaining game when used with suppressor. Cons: Minimal stopping power, wide ret spread. Situation: All-round, but not a contender with other guns. USP (.40cal) This is a nice gun. It's fun to shoot in real life, and almost as fun when on the PC. This is a good all-round weapon, and with a little practice, you can be a successful player with it as well. I went on a stint where I used it for about a week and managed to keep my rank. It's a nice balanced weapon that should not be over-looked because it's unpopular. Pros: Good solid weapon, the first choice of Rainbow specialists. Cons: Takes some getting used to. Situation: Any, just practice with it. Desert Eagle (.357cal) What a sweet gun. I love this gun. I used it quite heavily for a very long while and did exceptionally well with it. It's got pretty good accuracy, and awesome stopping power, it laughs in the face of .45s and 9mms. Hit someone point blank once, maybe twice, and you win. Fairly effective distance up until you start sniping with it, then don't bother. Pros: Great gun. A personal favorite with a decent learning curve. Great stopping power, great range. Cons: Low magazine count, causes frequent reloads when you start pumping out lead. Situational: Another all-round gun. Excellent gun, and highly reccomended. Desert Eagle (.50cal) This gun is downright awesome... in some cases. This gun lead me to many domination victories on The Door2 and has some amazing bang. Not to mention the coolest weapon sound this game has to offer. Nothing like the deep tone of this baby going off. This weapons is awesome in two places and two places only; right in someone's face, or sniping. Pros: BANG! One shot, one kill (generally). Makes an awesome pistol for long range shots. The caliber allows it to travel long distances and not lose accuracy. Be warned, awesome snipe shots may cause someone to cry "Cheater!" or my favorite "HaX0R!" Cons: Not very effective in those crucial mid-ranges that most maps play on. Situation: Sniping or Extreme CQB. Allow for a bit of a learning curve with this intense recoil. P-228 (9mm) Another overlooked gun. It's a decent weapon and an all-round gun, but just like the USP it's not really a contender with other weapons. Pros: Well rounded gun, great rate of fire (if your finger can keep up), easy learning curve, comfortable weapon. Cons: Not an adversarial contender, low stopping power. Situation: All-round. - Now it comes down to the battle of two. These are the most widely used guns in pistols and I will do a deep review of each. - Mk23 (.45cal) This is where I'll make people mad... tough. This is the ultimate pistols newbie gun. This is probably tied for the best adversarial gun to use but requires no skill and has an obnoxious sound. It has a high magazine count, great stopping power (it is a .45 afterall) and fairly good accuracy. In my opinion, the FPWV is just fugly, but do looks really matter. As much as I hate the popularity of this gun, I wont dis the weapon too much, it really is a great gun, but it's the ultimate newbie gun. This gun is good for hlping beginners feel "l33t." I'm ashamed to see pros using this weapon. Pros: Accurate, deadly, high magazine count. Cons: Used by every pistols newb out there, annoying sound, ugly, weak on long distances. Situation: All-round. 92FS (9mm) My baby. I love this gun. With 31 bullets and amazing accuracy, this truly is the gun to play pistols with. It ties the Mk23 with stats and is simply a great gun. I have almost nothing bad to say about it except for it's long range accuracy, which is the pits. This gun is again, widely overlooked but is gaining popularity. This is my weapon of choice and does not fail me. 31 bullets are ample enough to take out three opponents at once, it can be done. 31 bullets are enough to lay out an awesome volume of fire allowing you to run and gun, or preshoot with amazing precision and skill. Worth noting; don't get a teammate in your rets when you're snapping off rounds, chances are you'll kill them before you do your opponent, not cool! Pros: Excellent gun, highly reccomended, big magazine, VERY accurate. Cons: Virtually useless at long distances (but occasionally Lady Luck steps in and gives you a hit or two), being the fact that it is a 9mm, after certain distances bullets just bounce off of body armor. Situation: Everything! Tactics, Tips and Hints: Here are some random tips and hints for making you a better Pistols player. Read them, learn them, and dominate. 1) Don't be afraid to experiment. This goes for your gun and your gameplay. If you're getting thrashed continually, change guns or change routes; if you don't, you're just allowing some jerk's score to rack up, and that's not cool. 2) Vary your route. Think military strategy, it helps. The best thing I have found is to run the outside of the map and try to come around the opposing team. If you sneak up on their side or back, they can't stop you, but if you're out in front, you're a target. 3) Learn your weapon. Play some single player Terrorist Hunt if you have to, or better than that, join an all weapon server and practice (change your name if it helps the ego). I've played all weapons servers and used only a pistol and the change is amazing. It increases your reflex time and gives you a much quicker trigger finger. Do it, it helps. 4) Don't dance. Dancing with people is annoying, and if you can't keep up, you'll just waste ammo. If you MUST dance, then get used to aiming at them, don't spin in circles. You keep your ret locked on their chest and follow them, don't worry about moving your character, just spin and stay aimed. It takes some getting sued to, but if you can master this, you'll walk out of every dance unscathed, because most people stink at this part of pistols. 5) When you have a lull in fighting, reload and take a breather. Think before you act, it makes you a better player. Keeping a full mag of ammo helps too, because if you end up dancing, then when they're reloading, you can stop and peg them. 6) Respect server admins, even if they're jerks. Sometimes it's best to say nothing at all and allow the bullets to do the talking for you. I've got one server admin that enjoys pestering me, but I don't respond, it's easier. 7) Learn to crouch. Crouching increases your accuracy, an puts you below your opponents line of sight. It makes for a great surprise and allows you to catch them off gaurd. By the time they realize what you've done, you've already aimed at their chest and killed them. Good move. Also, crouching increases accuracy and makes it easier to kill the zig-zag strafer. If you're stationary and crouched, your accuracy is a lot greater than theirs. 8) Listen. Keep your ears open. If you're coming up on a corner and hear bullets hitting the wall don't go around the corner, someone is shooting! Sounds are your friend, learn what each sound means and you can easily throw your opponent off, or remove yourself from sticky situations. Listen for foot steps or the sound of some idiot blind firing, it helps you locate them better. 9) Learn your weapons! Each is useful in its own way, learn when to use what gun. 10) Learn the maps! Knowing what route to take is curcial, so is finding the map's sweet spot. Every map has a sweet spot you can exploit and use to rack up the kills. 11) If you can, travel in twos, but let the other go in front of you. If they die while going around a corner, you know someone is there and you can fall back and regroup. Also, if you're the last two, your team stands a better chance of winning that way. Saftey in numbers. 12) Always apologize for Firendly Fire, always. It makes the other person feel better. 13) Be polite, congratulate others on good kills, and joke about trades. It's okay, you're ultimate goal is to have fun, and interacting with others can make it that much more fun. 14) Remember, Server Admins can read team chat even if they're not on your team. Don't hide behind it and watch what you say. 15) Don't follow suit. Try different guns, try different routes on maps and just be different. People expect the expected, they know from experience where to see people on certain parts of the map. If you beat them at that and keep them guessing, it throws them off. 16) Don't be afraid to be an aggressive player. When push comes to shove a majority of players are only good because they know where to get the kills they don't really know how to think like a player. If you do the unexpected it throws them off their game and tends to demoralize. Walking into a server and killing the top player twice in a row tends to frustrate him (or her) and throw them off their game, a plus for you. 17) Just because your rets are on a target, doesn't mean you're going to hit exactly there. Rets are made tos how you the possible area that a bullet could hit, it's not guaranteed. So don't be frustrated if you dance with someone, unload a clip in their face and they don't die. That's the nature of pistols, it's frustrating, but happens. Conclusion: I've been playing pistols basically since it started. The aim is to remember that this is a game and you're supposed to have fun. If you get frustrated, quit, get a drink, chill for a minute and do it again. As far as being a better player all you can do is practice. There are some people who have played since pistols started and have played once a day every day and are at the top of their game; but even they have bad days. Keep, somewhere in the back of your head, all the things you just read, they will help you. ~Ruin
  9. "Dude Where's My Computer Game?" By: Ruin -Long, there's a "To the Point" section near the bottom, look for bolb . I'm a HUGE Rainbow Six series fan. I started playing back in the day right around the release of Eagle Watch. No, I'm not as old as some other Vets, but I've been playing Rainbow Six on and offline for a VERY long time. It's only been recently that I have had Cable Internet and the ability to play me beloved game online without connection failures and plain dumb old lag. And then, Raven Shield came out, the answer to all R6 vets prayers, or so we thought. The game it's self gets maybe 3.5 stars out of 5. It is a flawed game, but I don't think it should be overlooked either. But this editorial is not the game or it's gameplay, but the community. I bought RVS within weeks of its release. I made short notice of the SP campaign and I was off to wonderful online play. I'm a huge MP fan, especially Adversarial. To start with, I was quickly owned. But after some practice, I was towards the top as I had been. Games ran smooth, and gamers were friendly. Server admins took map requests and generally wanted to better their server for it's player (which is why High Capacity Magazines were quickly restricted). I played for hours on end this game I truly enjoyed playing. Then I discovered pistols Only. What a gem of a game type. I was thrilled. I developed a very quick trigger finger and (not to brag, honest truth) I was damn good. I was ending each round with roughly 10 - 20 kills (except for when Crimson was around ). Anywho, RealLife prevented me from having Cable Internet for a very long time, about 9 months. So, alas, no more RVS for me. But just about three days ago, I picked the game up (which surprisingly was still installed and updated to v1.56 on my PC) and ran headlong into MP Adversarial, Pistols Only. Now, it had been 9 months, so I was extremely rusty, and I just plain sucked. But after about 4 hours of game play I quickly began to regain some of my learned experience. And from here, the game took a fall. I would enter a Pistols Only server (which has now turned into utter CS style crap - Run and Gun, No Prone, No Peeking, and No Humping are the rules you'll find on most servers - which was not the case several monhts ago). So, I would play, kick some major ######, and then get kicked. Why? Who knows. I returned under the same name once, and was promptly booted after being called a not so pleasant name. Then, being the defiant fool I am, I returned under a different name, and continued to play. Once again, after recieving, no earning, 18 kills in only 4 rounds of gameplay, I was once again booted off the server. Being more and more irritated I said "Fine, I remember THIS server from months ago, I had some really GGs here, let me play." This time, it was worse. I constantly had to wait for terrible custom maps to load, and then the gem of all reasons for being kicked off. I was kicked not because I was winning (which I was), but after I was TKed by the same person twice in a row, I was kicked off, not them, me. The victim of FriendlyFire was booted. Now, servers are one thing... but people, oh God some of the people make me cringe. I'm a R6 Purist. I believe the game sohuld be played with tactics, skill and presicion, which is why you will NEVER see me carry a Mk23 on a pistols server. The Mk23, the reason for so much hate. I hate that gun, almost as much as I hate those who carry it. Once again, the game I love has been degraded into run and gun CS tactics. "Here, let me carry a gun with a big'ol magazine, and shoot off shots while running circles aroudn you at point blank. If I kill you, I have the right to declare myself *l337* and then say 'What now Biotch?!!?!?!/1/1?!?1/!'" Oh, but it gets better. Again, I'm not bragging, this is the truth. I also tend to finish the round with the best accuracy on the server. Roughly 30 to 40 percent accuarcy; which, for online play isn't too shabby. I also manage to pull this off while carrying my Desert Eagle 357 or 50. Both are my weapons of choice, and I really wont use any other gun but those. Recently I've been using the 92FS for whatever reason though. Anyway, this automatically calls my skill into question. "OMG! ######?! <Ruin's Name - whatever it is at the time> is a ###### hax0r! Look at his stats, OMG! That's not possible!" Only that's usually with a lot less punctuation and a lot more cuss words. That's usually follwed by me saying "Bring it" and them getting their butts kicked again. Unfortunatley, some stupid admins believe this whining Mk23 carrying n00b and kick me off the server. I swear, I have NEVER been kicked out of crap as much as I have been recently. Left and Right for NO reason at all. I played on a server with all weapons, no High cap mags, got 6 kills in two rounds, and no deaths. This was a clan server, so of course it was "Clan vs" (which means they stay on one team and all "visitors" are on the other. Basically, this summed up to half the clan not liking getting it's butt kicked, so I was kicked. To the Point! Sorry for the ramble, but it was necessary. I'm appaled by what's happening to my beloved community. It's being over-come by whining, crying, newbie CSers who beleive that how many bullets you can put into someone, regardless of the number that hit the floor, cieling, wall, teammates, dogs, cats, or anything else is the main point of the game. I no longer find games where accuracy and true genuine skill matter. Not at all. It is simply, who can prefire and run around the corner first. And now the arcadish stylings of R6:4 have me still asking RSE "Dude, Where's my Computer Game?!" Hear the cries of the people Red Storm! We want the old game back, with better graphics, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, we're all men, we enjoy a few new shiny toys too, but that's to be expected Bring back skill and eliminate (at least minimize) CS-style game play. If I want CS style gameplay, I just load up Steam and have at. But don't make me play it on the ebst game ever! /Editorial Thanks for reading
  10. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    Probably this weekend. Where's Pave? He needs to host, lol.
  11. Dude, no idea how I missed your post. Didn't you proof read it for me? We were working on KAN2: 2 Newbs for a while (on TheDoor2, lol). But we never got our act together and published it, mainly because the note taking was kinda involved (so you could get both our perspectives). If you'd get RVS, we could do it.
  12. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    Well, there's one. Where are the others? Maybe I need to send some PMs. Except to Crimson, who threw out both copies of RVS, lmao.
  13. Made an edit tot he report. @firefly, yeah man, it's a shame you can't.
  14. It really is a fun game, and not as nerdy as you'd expect. It requires a lot more skill than regular play does. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.
  15. So who's going to be [Next] ?

    *sigh* Not until the 2nd week of February... Thanks to my dead PC of course... This is crap... I doubt I can talk my parents into it anyway...
  16. regs !

    Do I count? lol... I played R6, but never found my way here... *sigh*
  17. Good News

    I've got good news! I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Gieco! lol. I may get it, may not. I have to copies of R6 and two of RS. SOAF is long lost though.
  18. I'm with Crimson on this one. Good game, give it a whirl.
  19. He's also a member at GR.net and AGR-S.com :) Reading this thread right now actually. Cool gun Serellan, how does it shoot? For those of you who are lost as to who we're talking about, dig the portfolio
  20. Does that only work in SP Crim? Or can you change it for MP also?
  21. LAPD SWAT mod

    @Paddy, thanks man. Glad you like it. The character model looks sweet. Nice Work
  22. Ultimate Headset

    ROFL! That's awesome Nk!

    What he said. Again, HAPPY B-DAY GUYS!
  24. LAPD SWAT mod

    Very nice Paddy. I love it!