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  1. Does anyone have the mod tools that John Sonedecker created? He is wanting copies of said tools (can't remember where he put them) to have for those who need or wants them.
  2. [How to transfer game profile ?]

    Vista hides game and other software data in a folder called ProgramData. It is also a hidden file if I remember right. While I do not have Vegas or V2, check in there for the game data (XP is C:/Documents and Settings or something similar) you are looking for. Sorry that I can not be more helpful.
  3. Ubi Steals A No-cd Crack For Vegas 2!

    This keeps getting better every day. It hit Slashdot today too. While I do not count on Ubi to clean up their act over this or anything else in the recent past, maybe with this bit of egg on their face, they will learn better coding skills, but again, I don't count on it. Sad. This fiasco has hit The Inquirer too.
  4. Ubi Steals A No-cd Crack For Vegas 2!

    Ubi has really lost it as a publisher IMO. They lack foresight and imagination and most of all, integrity. Between this and a total lack of communication between the company and fans, it is no wonder people are badmouthing them.
  5. R6Vegas2_Fix.zip is the same as the ReLoaded no-dvd crack details how Ubi is using someone else's work to fix a problem with the D2D versions of V2. It appears that they have and fans are calling Ubi on it and no answer from the publisher yet.
  6. The single player exprience is nothing more than an add on. asks the question of if SP is nothing more than an add-on for the MP game. The writer starts with Vegas 2 and moves on to CoD4. Do you think games now focus more on MP over SP?
  7. The Main Issue With Vegas

    See my other responses here.
  8. R6v2 Co-op Preview By Gamespy.

    We used to be able to play the story or SP campaign with 8 people, using lesser machines compared to todays powerhouses. I say it's laziness on the devs and publishers part.
  9. It's Ubisoft for the most part. That is just my own opinion.
  10. LD, Vegas and Vegas 2 might have been OK games save for one thing, the R6 name in the title. As been said, certain things are expected from it. Instead there is mediocrity and problems unlike other games. Ubi games have to compete with them and as such are rushed out the door thereby increasing the likelyhood of a "bad" game being released onto the market. These Ubi games can't really compete with these other games as they are better in quality.
  11. Yeah. Vegas 2 is having connection problems though it may be with the users too. Still, those that do connect get dropped and can't reconnect. No matter what the new insulation at Ubi says, they are not going to change. If they were, then an effort would be made on their part to have management answer some questions.
  12. I seriously doubt I will be buying any more Ubi titles, no matter the genre.
  13. My favorite isn't on that list. For the record, it's Homer Johnston.
  14. Here's One For Yodasplat

    This was at an airport not far from me and I remember watching it live when it happened. Good flying by the pilot.