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  1. Well the ending of rogue spear was a really nice twice to finish the game off. Lukan being the bad guy, then the good guy, now the bag guy again as he shoots the spy camera that was left on the picture hanging on the wall, telling john clark were to stuff himself. Would have been a nice sequal. (crys for the RS series)
  2. Talk about suspense!! I remember this mission from like 7 or 8 years ago when i played it, and it was so suspenseful, especially due to the fact that it was not only the first recon mission i had every attempted but it was hard as nails! Best recon mission in the whole series in my opinion. I think it was bug the phone downstairs, bug the phone up stairs and bug the computer upstairs too if your playing medium, more if your playing elite. I think i played it on medium and it was still hard, i have yet to play it on elite when i install it on this pc and play it for the first time since then. Brilliant!
  3. What happened? I know what happens at the end, a nice twist in the tale, but it looked like to me that there was room for a rogue spear sequal, so how come the sotry didnt continue from where it left? And what do you think happened?