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  1. Rocky, we need to talk about Voogly. I love that they have kept R6 and RS alive for so long.
  2. I've got an ATI graphics card, and the font fix seems to have completely solved the crashing problem. I'm on Win 7 64 bit.
  3. IW Download?

    Yes! Check out this link. If that fails, I have the file as well. Be warned that there is no keyserver running, so no IW MP and maybe more, as I haven't tested. But, the SP side should be bang on.
  4. Raven Shield Multiplayer Help

    I think I know what the problem is, though just from a touch of research. I'm assuming there is something between your computer and the internet. A router, NAT device, hardware/software firewall. I'm going with router because they are so common. If I'm right, you will need to forward a bunch of ports to host RvS 7777-7787 UDP 8777-8787 UDP 6667 TCP 80 TCP
  5. Lockups?

    I've had the game crash twice, over the course of a single full run of the campaign. The first time was a fairly normal (sigh) CTD, while the second one took fifteen minutes before I just rebooted.
  6. Wonky Order System

    Same issue here. Getting the team to stack is quirky, as they often acknowledge the order, but don't move. Then, once they are stacked up, I'll issue the breach order, and they will instead follow some order I didn't actually give, like move to cover, or to where I'm aiming. Annoying, but not game breaking.
  7. It sounds like a DirectX problem. You can download the DirectX updater from Microsoft. Running it will bring DX up to the newest version. Then, after a reboot, the problem you are having should go away. If not, then an uninstall/reinstall of Lockdown is about the only thing to do.
  8. Raven Shield On Intel Integrated

    I found a post on another forum that seems to indicate that you may be in luck. This thread's first post indicates that Unreal Tournament 2004 played very well on an X3100 chipset, and that game is a more recent version of the Unreal Engine than Raven Shield. Still, RvS is heavily modified from it's source engine, so that may be a negative.
  9. R6 And Tango Ai Mod Version 1.1

    After a bit of head scratching, I found the file you're looking for. Kung Fu's RvS Enhanced Mod v1.1 - I believe you have to create a free account to download from the linked site.
  10. Why Redstorm

    Tom Clancy co-founded Red Storm. Clancy left, and licensed his name to RSE for future projects. Ubisoft purchased Red Storm. Thus, "Tom Clancy's (insert game name here)" is wholly owned by Ubisoft, who occasionally lets RSE develop the titles.
  11. Sounds like a driver revision broke Bink support. You could try replacing the binkw32.dll in the system folder (backup first!) with the one that the latest version of the RAD Video toolkit installs. And yes, the toolkit is freeware.
  12. Armpatch Help!

    MS Paint won't work with Targas, but here's a freeware program that will, and is designed to be the big brother to MS Paint: Paint.NET From what I can determine, it supports TGA files natively.
  13. Armpatch Help!

    My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types Scroll down to the .TGA entry and hit the "Change" button, to select your image editing application (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) That should fix the file association.
  14. Armpatch Help!

    Try to open one of the included targa images in the armpatch folder, paste your image over it, and resave it using the rules in the tutorial here. It may be some little quirk in your image editing program that's outputting a file that fails some small aspect. Barring that, I'd be glad to assist you, as I know I can get custom armpatches to work. Not as good a solution as you figuring out the issue yourself, but at least it would be a workable stopgap.
  15. Armpatch Help!

    Are you certain the armpatches aren't showing up? Some servers have the downloading of armpatches set to off, so even if your patch was working just fine, nobody else would see it. I'd recommend starting your own local server, making sure armpatch downloading was on, and getting a friend to join and check it out. If it doesn't show there, then we know it's some error with your actual image(s).