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  1. Clan LOST is looking for mature players of all skill levels LOST is a long standing multi-game community which is now getting into Rainbow 6 Seige. We welcome players both competitive and casual who would like to game in. We want players who are both mature and passionate to join us! You can friend xLostxSixFour for questions or go straight to www.clanlost.com for details and to put in an application. Our application and review process is very quick, and is in place to help maintain the mature and cooperative group we have. FEATURES: - Over 1,500+ mature gamers total in the clan - RB6 group is new - help us build a strong foundation and grow! - Strong leadership, organized clan from top to bottom - Organized Events - International Community PREREQUISITES: - Must be 18 years old - Mature, patient and passionate We want both competitive and casual players to enjoy gaming here. PROCEDURE: - Apply at www.clanlost.com - Brief interview with some higher ups - You're in! If you want a truly awesome place to game with mature peers and have a good time doing it, this is the place to be!