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  1. Headshots/Firefights

    Okay I have been playing RB6 since last December. I am dedicated to this game simply because I have played all the new games that have came out and I still come back to Rainbow.  I registered to forums to voice out my opinions that might help make the game better for year 2. Being a level 157 I hope you all can respect my thoughts.   Head shots. Ever since the latest DLC of Red Crow. Been super easy to get head shots. Not only is it easy to get the head shots. Its easy to get shot in the head. I feel prior to the DLC I could actually have a fun firefight with the enemy because neck shots did not count as a "instantaneous death". Now? I find myself in a firefight and it just ends way to quickly. I like it before how it was just little bit more challenging to receive or get shot in the head!   Also, I feel like while a user is on Tachanka's turret they should be able to look at cameras with out having to exit the turret. Would be cool if the animation showed him resting his phone and hands on the turret? I find it unfortunate that he can't look at his cameras while on the turret. Thanks!