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  1. cool...i'll check out voobly....i need to get my notifications sorted out on here too....not getting them for some rerason on post replies....
  2. IW Download?

    thanks....no MP is deal breaker....i am trying to get some R6 coop in! (no matter what game it is!)
  3. Wow....that's efficiant, low maintenance indeed. i've got to say i've gotten back on the same track....i have GR, RvS and LD reinstalled so far....RS:UO is next on my list....Voobly? is that like xfire?
  4. reinstalling today

    i just keep getting a failure to connect....so i assume that UBI no longer supports MP games....nothing shows up on xfire either...
  5. reinstalling LD now.....does anyone know if there are still servers up?
  6. IW Download?

    Does anyone know if there is an active downlooad link for Iron Wrath still in existance anywhere?
  7. Forums Upgraded

    I'm loving the mobile versions! Both here and gr.net....my obsession has new fuel...I can check forums anywhere!
  8. First Trailer

    the prob with that vid is that it is not a real game play vid release...it was a promo spot for the VGAs on SPike TV...semi naked girls and bright lites is what spike tv is all about... ....i would'nt judge the game by that....just the sell outs who made it....
  9. none of my pc's have enough grafix to run lockdown.... ....but i still own it.... ....and you can bet i'll still grab vegas (now $20) and vegas 2 (when it is $20... ) .................
  10. sweet i have recently networked 3 comps in my house and have been introducing my two boys to the orig R6 all the way up to RvS and including GR & SOAF...can't wait to get them introduced to the world of online play!
  11. Rs 747 Remake For Rvs

    my all time fave from UO...downloading now...
  12. Map Making?

    try this topic...may be the closest thing to it.....related topic
  13. Red & Black Map Pack Released

    sounds like my kind of map.
  14. Vegas Console Commands

    ok, i'll just assume i'm right....anywho, i have yet to buy vegas myself so i can only go off of what info i have been able to find, it appears that there is no traditional console function in R6V, outside of what PB has to offer....it is said that this is because the game is a port.