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  1. I've got a ladder and would be willing to get staff organised with you guys. I'm an official for gamespy i might be able to help.
  2. Join all of us from GamersVision and the rest of the rogue spear community as we kick off the grand opening of our new site and Rogue Spear Ladders. To register and become a part of the network please click the following link : http://www.gamersvision.net . we have hosted anti-cheat software and there will be some official events coming up. If you played this game come back and have some fun.
  3. Excellent Well We'll be waiting for you guys.
  4. Hi Everyone, Virtual Gamers Network [ www.VGNetwork.com ] Has officially launched our Rogue Spear and Rainbow Six Anti-Cheat Patches. So far the communities are doing good on GameSpy. Arena Guardians (GameSpy Officials) currently host events in the lobbies over there and we would like to see some old and new faces. In order to begin playing on our patches and with other people you must do the following. 1.) Download/Install GameSpy Arcade 2.) Install Rogue Spear / Rainbow Six 3.) Register on VGN and request an administrator validates you. An admin can be found by the [VGN] at the beginning of their name in the lobbies. 4.) Login on VGN with your player ID 5.) Download/Install either Rainbow Six 1.04 or Rogue Spear 2.05 Retail Patch 6.) Download/Install Rainbow six or Rogue Spar Anti-Cheat located in the downloads section on www.VGNetwork.com/ladder 7.) Underneith your player manager on the main site after logging in click either "Register R6 AC" or "Register RS AC" these links will direct you to a program which will allow you to pick a username and password to be able to play on the cheat patches. Your all set! We look forward to seeing everyone! Sincerly, Patrick www.VGNetwork.com
  5. possible to transfer rogue spear maps to r6 like they transferred RS to R6? is there a plugin anywhere?