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  1. Just thought I would mention that Raven Shield worked with NO problems on Win 7 64Bit. No compatibility modes or INI changes. I play on a stock HP with RvS patched to 1.60. (HPE-112y) Ray
  2. I put Rainbow six 3 on my laptop and desktop (got 2 copies for LAN play but never got to try LAN) however I installed a nocd crack on the laptop so I would not need to drag the disk around to play off line. PunkBuster however dosn't play well with a nocd crack and I still can't find the CD disk!! Desk top works fine but my wife keeps kicking me off to print or check/sent email. I keep tellen her 'the mission is at stake'! lol Got to get the laptop (much newer than desktop) up and running on line. Ray50
  3. MVTalon Thanks for the feed back. I played about 8 hours the last two days and it has been much fun. I spend a lot of time dl new maps but it is well worth it. I am glad so many are still playing after all this time. I am only playing Terrorist Hunt for now but it is great having a team with real AI not computer AI. I have been able to find servers with a ping below 150 which helps with lag on my .5gb (not 5gb) connection. I will check for the Team Cerberus mission server and/or AGC T/hunt server. Last night I played for a while on a French server. Makes chat a little difficult!! Some lag but playable. Rocky - Thanks for the great link! See ya online, (won't tell you my name yet as I am not very good yet and still trying to get up to speed. When I can hold my own I will change it and let you know) Mike
  4. I have been a RS fan but have just this week upgraded to hi-speed (.5gb only) internet. The first thing I did was fire up RS Rainbow Six 3 hoping there would still be online play. I did find some servers but as a first time on line player I have questions. 1. How high can the PING be and still be playable 2. I don't know the Acronyms everyone is using 3. Some one got up set because I didn't know how to chat. (oh 'Y') 4. I couldn't find any online servers playing Athena Sword?? Is this the place to get up to speed? Is there a FAQ for first timers. I didn't do very well compared to others (10yrs old probably) but it was still fun. thanks, Mike