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  1. X360 V Ps3 Version Video

    360 is better by far...PS3 has plenty of lag problems with the multiplayer since Sony puts no money into it since it is free and everyone uses it...and there are frame rates problem with every PS3 game compared to a 360 game, I've played both and I like the 360 version much better
  2. R6: Vegas2 On X360

    Yeah, I like Vegas 2 as well, and Vegas 1 was the bomb even though all I could play was t-hunt and single player with my friends since I didn't have X Box Live but now I do...I wish they would make the game more hardcore though even though they say they won't to suit everyone but they are trying to please everyone yet lose some hardcore rainbow six fans that believe the franchise has gone to ish...I guess I'll deal with it though it is still a great game just not as tactical, and call of duty comes nowhere close to it...you can't even make your character look dope come on... gamer tag: IL DUCE 42O