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  1. Great Site

    Looking forward this enhancement Rocky!!!
  2. Vegas Pc Demo?

    Never mind, I decided it wasn't worthy. I changed completely type of games...
  3. Vegas Pc Demo?

    So, at 10 euro, is it worthy to buy it?
  4. Official Trailer 1

    Anyway another trailer that is useless
  5. Mission Modding

    Congratulations Tinker, if there is a modder who needs to be hired by some companies it's you due to your dedication and perserverance. For me my time with FPS is over.
  6. Mission Modding

    Thanks Tinker anyway. I don't bother to re-install it then.
  7. Mission Modding

    IIRC Tough Hombres is the only mod ever made for Lockdown and it should include some revised missions (I believe only the ads in game have been removed of the spyware components). However the readme say If UBI releases a game patch that fixes the mod bug then you can choose "NO" when the installer asks you if you want to move/backup the two folders. If you are in doubt then choose "NO" and then let the installer do its thing. Try the mod out. If you find that there is no immediate change in how tough the enemy AI are then you can still move/backup the necessary folders by simply re-running the installer and choose "YES". No need to uninstall the mod first. IMPORTANT: It is extremely important not to turn off the Tough Hombre mod until you are ready to uninstall it. Because of the game bug two Lockdown folders had to be moved. Without the Tough Hombres mod activated your game will not run and will shut down immediately. If you accidentally turned off the mod and the game won't start back you can still get it working by reading the help section below." Maybe it can help
  8. Mission Modding

    Right now I'm getting sick just to think to launch Igor, GR or any FPS game....
  9. Mission Modding

    If I find some spare time and a little bit of enthusiasm I might try...
  10. R6 Collector's Edition

    This might help you http://www.agr-s.com/html_pages/faqs_r6.htm
  11. Far Cry was released in February 2004, that is more than 3 years ago. When I say "this is the direction taken by Ubi" I mean in the present, not in all its history. GRAW had a map editor released with a patch, correct. But it wasn't released since the beginning, contrary to TCGR. And anyway it's a game that is far away to be defined fully moddable, opposite to TCGR. Only exception is Lookdown that is an RSE product...
  12. This is the direction taken for all UBi games I believe. Time to reinstall Lockdown and see if I can script a mission....
  13. Mission Modding

    No, there is nothing. As far as I know also noone has ever released a custom mission for LD. It's a pity because IMO it's a very good game, just underrated
  14. Lockdown ...

    I'm definitely happy to see that at the end I was not the only one who liked (and likes) Lockdown, currently the only FPS installed on my sytem, well except Rockyand CR6. I always supported Lockdown and eventried to script some missions for it but the patch development stopped every entusiasm I might have had and still I was not able to figure how to play in MP in internet. However I would be glad to try again, what about a session all together? Sorry Yoda I read it only fter my previous post