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    Happy Birthday, Magnum!
  2. Here's an Idea for an R6 Siege Scenario...

    What, no takers?!? Seriously, with R6 Siege somewhat taking the path of Battlefield Hardline and moves in the direction of "cops and robbers" with more intense shoot-outs, as witnessed by the circulating gameplay videos, why not expand the close boundaries of CQB and allow for fire exchanges over slightly further distances out in the open? I think it may add a nice dynamic to the game, and the terrorists vs. law enforcements theme could be served quite well in that way, too. While I'm at it... of course, it wouldn't hurt to introduce some realism (one-shot-one-kill, recoil/spread, limited gear and ammo, wounding/limping system, etc.) and clean up the screen (get rid of the hit markers, team markers, HUD). Maybe this could be implemented in a hardcore mode? Oh, and while destructible environments are nice, they probably shouldn't be the center of attention the game revolves around. And finally... I guess a full single-player campaign with pre-mission planning stage is out of the question? You know... because... Rainbow Six? Now, I somehow get the feeling that all this has been preached tirelessly again and again a very long time ago and time and time again, but maybe, just maybe... someone in Montreal is listening this time? Hello? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear (1999) is, IMHO, the true apotheosis of immersive tactical realism in the R6 series. While the later Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003) was still a very impressive sequel that pushed the series' envelope technically and visually, it never managed to grab me quite as much as Rogue Spear did. It's been too long since I played either (which I'll have to remedy ASAP!), so I cannot put my finger on it now, but I know that Rogue Spear comes in at a close second place on my list of best tactical realism FPS of all time, only to be surpassed by my all-time favorite, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001). But I digress... let's conjure up some more of those fond Rogue Spear memories, shall we?
  4. 2015 AGR-S REBOOT IS GO!

    Yes, huge thanks to Deosl for those interviews! Can't wait for the next one!
  5. Meanwhile... here's Sidestrafe's take on R6:
  6. That's just too cool! Many thanks for posting this, Jeza. I wasn't even aware of those mods that allow to play the old missions in the newer titles. Have to give this a try one of these days!
  7. Now tell me you're not just itching to play this timeless classic again. I'm game. Now, where's that disk...
  8. 2015 AGR-S REBOOT IS GO!

    Beautiful new site, and I just love the interviews! Great work, Rocky (as to be expected from you, I might add).
  9. The branching morality system sounds very interesting. Positively surprised to see innovative ideas from Ubisoft bringing something good to the game. Hope this becomes a new trend on their part.
  10. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    Sounds like a problem with refresh rate or vertical sync at the selected video resolution - the monitor can't handle the current setting. Try adjusting related options.
  11. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    Is the error message an actual in-game message, a system message, or an OSD message of the monitor itself?
  12. Cover system. Third-person view. Icon-rich graphics. 'Nuff said.