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  1. Wallpapers

    i have, but because there is so little as resources, kinda hard, but i'll keep at it
  2. damn, you beat me to it Can't wait 'til 2013 sorry, did i just break the suspense of not getting to see the artwork? Logo:
  3. hey, in and out post. don't know if this has already been posted but i didn't see it so, uuhm yeah, why not? a quick google search for "rainbow 6 leak" gives this: http://gematsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Ghost-Recon-Leak_02.jpg is that a "classic Rainbow 6 mechanic"?
  4. i have played the 5 years before bit, and the 1st vegas bit, then i got bored and shelved it, but i'm not following the story, anyone care to tell? i'm not bovved about spoilers i just want to know what exactly is going on
  5. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    cool thanks for the advice Pave
  6. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    cool i'll scope out DX 8.1
  7. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    could be my CCC as my directx is the highest it can go without it being cracked (DX 9.0C but DX 10 can be installed on XP as a cracked version) or maybe it can't find the DX 8.1 files? i didn't install it as i didnt think i'd need it
  8. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    i went into options and had a look at my settings, then as i tried changing one, i got the "edit text" cursor turn up everything went out of sync so i clicked on where the edit text part turned up, the game extied, and the error popped up dissapeared, i go back toi the game it looks normal then about five mins of playing about in the MENU ONLY out of range turns up. here's the log file contents: from the looks of things the resolution is 640x480? is that deemed out of range for a PC on a resolution of 1280x1024?
  9. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    message on the monitor itself, some message pops up then closes something about my CPU then disappears then i get the "out of Range" appear on screen
  10. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    yep, Sold out software disks install the patched versions
  11. Out Of Range Monitor Error

    yeah, Windows XP but it's dual booted with ubuntu 10.10 says 1.6 and i just double click the disk shortcut :/ more on this tomorrow
  12. hi guys, some of you will know me from Ghost recon.net, some may not. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED anyhow, there has been a brief talk over there as today i decided to buy the Sold Out Software version of Raven Shield (fully Pathced during installation) and it's expansions. but i load up the game and i get the menu, then 5 minutes later i get a blank screen with a blue message box saying out of range. great game that, really exciting anyhow, got any ideas of what to do to fix it? my screens settings along with the game settings are default. i'll give the specs upon request