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  1. Headshots/Firefights

    Agreed, but probably better posted on the UBISOFT forums as UBISOFT moderators are there to gather information for developers.
  2. After playing the ALPHA I am really looking forward to the BETA to see what has improved. UBISOFT may be on the right track with R6 Siege. Any hints on when the BETA will be out
  3. Nice find! Hopefully this game will get back to the basic of R6.
  4. Up For Pre-Order

    No preorder for now but excited to see a new title in the works
  5. Aaah the good old days of RB:6
  6. Any word on this for Windows 7 phones?
  7. Realistic Difficulty Help

    I used a lot of smoke and took a sniper rifle. Don't forget that before you enter that room there is a reload box in the dressing room.
  8. Red & Black Map Pack Released

    Wartown Co-Op gets my vote for best map. On High enemy and realistic you gotta go thru 70 bad guys. I jumped in with three other players and we never could beat the dang map. You really have to cover each others back and not rush things.
  9. Red & Black Map Pack Released

    Maps are pretty good. A lot of action and enemy come from different directions. In MP CO-OP enemy seem to be a bit tougher than normal. Might just be rusty!
  10. PunkBuster is booting me! ? ! ?

    As for hosting, my knowledge is limited and would rather someone else speak upon that issue. However, your disc problem I can answer. After installing AS, you have to revert to the RVS disk in order to run the game. As Bob said, you can click the AS shortcut to jump right into AS. If you are playing in RVS, you can go into customer game and click AS. Then you must click the word "Activate" at the bottom to activate the AS mod. Bottom line is the RVS disc must be in the CD-ROM to play either game.
  11. PunkBuster is booting me! ? ! ?

    New patches are already out for RVS and AS. Trying patching RVS to 1.56 and AS to 1.02. Refer to front page for list of dl sites from UBI. Hope this fixes your problem.
  12. Can't run anymore

    Nope--Never have edited any of the .ini files. I have not even installed any extra maps on it yet. I guess I might have to play "Rambo" and just have the "Always Run" box checked. Very wierd, it just quit working.
  13. Can't run anymore

    Ok tried different mouse to no avail. Weird, it's like the game just decided to not let me run anymore. I have remapped several keys to run and it just won't do it. Am I missing something here??
  14. Can't run anymore

    Correct, it works fine when not in RVS--I will be trying out another mouse tonight just to rule anything out.
  15. This just started happening today. I have always had my run button set to Right Mouse click. Just today, I noticed I was moving very slowly even though I had it pressed. Now I can not run unless I have "Always Run" checked in the options. I rebooted the CPU and reconfigured my run key but had no luck. Thank you in advance for any possible solutions.