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  1. Your pretty close and it's head and shoulders above that Vegas junk.
  2. Vegas 2 Installed

    Sad truth indeed!
  3. Mission Modding

    Although this game is to linear for me to really get excited about it's still more fun than Vegas.
  4. A little to late for some but not to late for us who still enjoy RVS.
  5. Thanks MVTalon. Downloading now.
  6. Someone fill us in on this. Can the maps be played SP in terrorist hunt mode?
  7. Vegas Pc Demo?

    Same here! Only my copy cost me $10 as I had a $5 coupon and some money left over on my Best Buy XMAS gift card. As far as I can tell you have to download all 4 patches. Fun game but would have been great if they would have cut the scripted linear junk and had enemy that really had some AI that made you sweat it out.
  8. Mission Modding

    Wish you could get it working were you could crank out some missions. Not a bad game that could be made much better with some mission and or interesting firefight scripting.
  9. Had the same problem a few weeks ago. Was using Nvidia 81.95 drivers and everything worked fine but when I upgraded to newer drivers my vids and R6 logo would not work. Tried several different upgraded driver versions with same result. Went back to version 81.95 and all's well again.
  10. Gameplay Modes R6 Vegas

    So about how many maps are we talking about in the terrorist hunt mode?
  11. Gameplay Modes R6 Vegas

    Thanks for the reply. Is the terrorist hunt mode as good or better than what RVS had to offer? All maps available to play on etc.?
  12. Who can fill me in on what various gameplay modes R6 Vegas has to offer the single player once you've finished the campaign ?
  13. Lockdown ...

    I also decided to grab a copy for $19.99 at Best Buy and although I like RVS better than LD, I'm also having much fun playing the various gameplay modes it offers. Was worried when I first installed it as the weapon sounds were awful and the run/walk speeds were about the most stupid thing I ever saw. Remembered about the patch and all's well now. Would have been great if they would have opened the maps up more and had the enemy A.I. move around and react to things more like they do in GR. Of the last 2 games I bought (GRAW/Lockdown) Lockdown is winning hands down in the fun factor area.
  14. Very foolish indeed. I bet they would have liked to have had the R6 team pick up some prostitutes for a little bump and grind while on their mission.