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  1. Whales!

    WHALES! They're back That is all gents....
  2. regs !

    Woah....Day...and a missus! Wow.... Hey, looks like the gang's almost all here! B
  3. regs !

    Old thread, but I'm sorta back surfin...haven't had time to play....so sad.... /B
  4. LAPD SWAT mod

    Wow, great work man! I am amazed! /B
  5. LAPD SWAT mod

    Damn cool work man, and way to go Rocky for getting you a contact...he's cool that way Where is that guy? Sounds like Ubi has too much free time on their hands, if they're editing what people can read on their own forums....idiots. B
  6. LAPD SWAT mod

    Was being sarcastic...I don't imagine they wear the all black ninja wear... Actually, DSS contracts with a couple of private groups that handle (or did a number of months back) protection in Afghanistan. I remember Dyncorp was one...I read a pretty good article about the MSD online...I'll try and dig it up. B
  7. LAPD SWAT mod

    Bureau of Diplomatic Security (State Department) Mobile Security Division Very cool unit. All black wearing tactical B
  8. LAPD SWAT mod

    I looked around for some pics I saw online a while ago...I believe the people you mentioned (with the H&K's) were FPS (Federal Protective Service) officers. I don't know of any agencies issued G36's. Haven't heard of any SWAT teams either...most use M4s now (or some varient). FBI, last I heard, still trains Agents on MP5s (or MP5/10s)..but I don't think they're issued. They are kept under lock and key, unless needed for serving warrents and such. ICE Agents (Customs) are still trained on Steyr Aug's, though I recently heard they're looking at changing to M4s...the Aug's are kept under lock and key as well (so I've heard)...it all depends on what office you're in, and what the SAC (your boss) decides. DSS MSD uses an H&K rifle though...not sure what it is, might be a G3...then again, I think they also might be moving to M4...the M4 seems to be the flavor of choice. Again, this is all from talking to people I know, and dependant on what they hear, and what they're issued. I don't know about LAPD SWAT, but I'd doubt they'd switch all their rifles to H&Ks... B
  9. LAPD SWAT mod

    Sweet, that's a lot of work man! Any thoughts of mods after this? I know its a ways off, but I had been trying to figure out a full mod for GR, about a year ago...didn't work out...but now I've got even more ideas. Based on the DSS MSD teams
  10. LAPD SWAT mod

    Piccolo's been reading: ---------- The weapon choice depends on what department or agency you're talking about. A lot of departments will let you qualify on a personal handgun (sometimes it has to be one on a list, sometimes it could be any one)...but a lot of places have a set gun they issue. I think LAPD uses a Baretta for officers, and then SWAT has just been issued the mentioned Kimber (before that they went with other 1911s, no idea what flavor). I'd be willing to be they can, or use to be able to qualify on their own weapon. As for long guns...most larger departments have designated AR (whatever the flavor there...M4, CAR or whatever) units. Officers qualify to patrol with the rifle, along with their shotgun. A lot of departments are hesitant however, of letting officers use their personal weapons. A friend was considering buying an AR, to use on patrol...he qualified on it for work (with the work gun) but the Chief wouldn't give him a letter for purchase of his own...works the same for a lot of departments. I haven't heard of a lot of people using MP-5s anymore...they are expensive to maintain, and I believe somethings had to be sent back to H&K for repair (or something like that). It gets really funky when you look into Federal LE...where politics comes into play even MORE in choice of weapons. Contract deals are big bucks.... B
  11. LAPD SWAT mod

    Looks great! I've been waiting to see someone do some character and weapon mods. So when are they releasing the stuff so you can put these in the game? Also, LAPD SWAT now uses a Kimber Custom II, not a Colt. B
  12. Game Engines

    I thought Counter Strike was based on Half Life? As for issues with the U2 engine...well, I don't have any problems with it, and I seem to be able to get online...I guess if I couldn't, it might suck...but it wouldn't be the end of the world. As for cheating....maybe more AGR-S games are in order...harken back to RS days...I remember spending hours playing with all the regs.... In short I'm saying...don't expect some company that's making sales on their game, to expend anything on problems that aren't stopping their game sales...find your own workaround...host more games if you can get online. I don't have a suggestion for yah, if you can't get online though /B
  13. For some reason I seem to be using the FNC all the time Not sure why...I just like it. /B
  14. Mission 1

    I've had problems with Infiltrate, so I don't have them use it...I am stuck on the 4th or 5th mission (airport)...haven't had enough time to figure out why my plan sucks...but I have a serious choke point at the second hanger (with the 2 guys in the 2nd story window...). I end up taking a 2 man team and picking people off...which takes too much time. I tried putting a team on Infiltrate, but they ended up being too stupid to notice the guy walking up behind them....they all died, and they weren't going silenced. /B
  15. We're back - it's Official

    Looks like a normal move, whats all the fuss about? Man that blows, sorry that sucked so much Rocker... /B