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  1. hi guys i'm one of those who's fallen for the ubisoft scam and i like it actually.... saw that rocky didn't approve that much and mentioned COD4 as a superior game. i can understand the statement since i've played both games. okay, cod 4 might be the best game IF u want the "fast paced cannonfodder" type of games. but for an old r6 buff like me, the semi-tactics in vegas2 suits my type of play better I'm not gonna defend Ubi though.. in my opinion they've ruined a once brilliant franchise and turned it into a jack of all traits but a master at none. nothing beats the old games and none will, unless they somehow decide to go back to the roots and develop a r6 game like it's meant to be... enough of the whining , i've got the game on xbox360 and i'm up for some terrorist hunt and such gamertag : lionheart09
  2. R6: "5" Features

    I want Rainbow Six playability with new graphics i know it wasn't that fancy but had a blast online with the "original" series of the franchise (up to raven shield)... Like Whiteknight said : keep it simple !!! Richard
  3. regs !

    AL : doing great moved in with my girlfriend a few months ago got my dsl line up and running a few days ago.... finish my military "career" last summer....glad to be a civilian again.... how's things going down south ?
  4. regs !

    hi all ! just wondering , how many of the ooooold regs of agr-s is still active ? thinking about the fella's from the small and tidy group who played r6 as madmen..... like rocky , mutha , capt.pig ,day ,git and noraf and perhaps me.... please reply Richard earlier known as nomad