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  1. Hi All its been a while. I just pulled R6 Raven Shield out of its box and reinstalled it. The big problem i have in my life is that i dont have the time to do mission plans, does anyone know of i good site i can download some from. The stock ones are ok but not good enough. Can anyone help Pleeeeeese Ricard
  2. When will the full downloads be back

    Thanks Rocky I understand you will have a lot of work going on for GR2. Please dont forget about the retro games though as most websites do when a new game comes out. Ricard
  3. Ricard78! + [RS]Ming catching up

    I have just left SD recently due to time zone problems But have hooked up with 151 as they are in my country. As for the Rainbow Series i have only recently found it and purchased all of em SOAF was available on the cheap so i grabed that as well. I got a lot of playing to do. Would love to play online sometime.
  4. When will the full downloads section be back. My Rainbow Six collection is getting bigger each day and i want to put mods on it. The current downloads section only seems to have Raven Shield Stuff Ricard [Edit: Topic moved to correct forum and duplicate post deleted]
  5. I expect the answer is no but is their any posible way to play any of the mp maps in single player mode. Ricard