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  1. Aug 10 - Rainbow Six Vegas Attention gamers! If you've ever wanted to play with dolls, this is your chance to take on the fierce faction of female gamers known as the Frag Dolls. On Frag Doll Fridays, the ladies will take on Xbox Live® members in an exclusive gaming session. How can you get in on this gaming goodness? Simply send an e-mail with your gamertag to xlmail@microsoft.com. Any other personal information will be ignored. Make sure the subject of your e-mail is "Frag Doll Friday." We'll send qualifying 'tags (you must be an Xbox Live member in good standing) to the Frag Dolls' team captain, who will gather the posse and send out the Friend Requests. All sessions are from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Pacific (9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. Eastern) Source
  2. Hmm, the topic seems to have gotten a bit off topic and argumentative. Locking thread.
  3. I blame the parents for the kid being the way he is. Obviously he has been allowed to talk to his mom like this for a long time.
  4. Hi All

    A new tactic to get members to join, Deosl? It looks like it worked! Welcome to AGR-S! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Breaking news as of 2 hours ago.
  6. Found this wmv file which shows some of the visual graphics in Lockdown. I couldn't find this posted already, so I hope this is new to some of you. RSL Visual Beauty
  7. PC release date

    No, but it would be pretty cool!
  8. PC release date

    LOL - You have to remember I had a face - to - face discussion with several RSE dev team members. However, there are some things I cannot discuss until after January. Does any one know how hard that is for a female to not be able to discuss stuff? But it is fun to throw out teasers.
  9. PC release date

    No it's not.
  10. GR.net down again?

    For about 4 hours now... I'm having withdrawals
  11. magnumkp did both of them - for here and gr.net
  12. Looking To Trade

    The same rules apply here as they do at GR.net - trading and selling are not allowed. Thread locked.
  13. What is a consultant?

    FYI - Not everything a consultant/staff/or admin does in easily visible in the forums.
  14. Picture Thread

    hmmm, I decided to go check my scores for minesweeper. Wish I could copy the image here. Beginner = 4 seconds Intermediate = 47 seconds (by Shadow Recon) Expert = 185 seconds