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  1. Rogue Spear crashing to desktop

    Well it's not really "fixed" but it is playable. I dont' think Windows ME has a compatability mode but I'll check.
  2. Rogue Spear crashing to desktop

    Yes I've tried that. But unfortunatley I get the same result. Also I believe I applied the patch after the initial setup before playing any missions. I checked out the Ubi Soft Support Knowledge base and apparently this was a fairly common bug in the game. GameStop has the Platinum Pack for $10. I'm thinking of picking it up for a little later version of the game and for the strategy guide and Black Thorne.
  3. Rogue Spear crashing to desktop

    I'm using Windows ME (terrible I know) with the patch already installed. I'm not getting any error messages or anything else. It goes to the mission load screen and then crashes back to the desktop. One thing I've discovered by accident is that if I load Mission 1 (Pandora Trigger) as a practice mission and then quit out of it after it stars, I can then load the later missions with no problem.
  4. New guy here. Here's the problem. When I continue a campaign in Rogue Spear and select HQ's mission plan, when I press "Execute" the mission attempts to load and then crashes to the desktop. This has been happening since mission 3 (Sand Hammer) and I can't continue with the Single Player. Is there anyway to fix this?