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  1. Question for the site owners and admins

    Well, there's a reason i don't play the rainbow series anymore...... ( and i've been here since before the web page  - agr-s comes from the good  old days of news groups ) 
  2. Just currious, are there any of the really old gang, that's still arround here? And what are you playing now then?   I must admit that i've dropped the rainbow series, it got kind of ruined in my opinnion So, instead, i get my shooters needs covered by arma3, not that i play that all that mutch either, was way more active with a2, but i guess that's just how life is, isn't it?     Best wishes from Norway
  3. get the following error when trying to launch the game ( did get the same before the reinstall as well ) see other have had the same problem before, could it be that todays high end computers can't run this fine game?
  4. a bit ot here, but, aj6627., i love that pic
  5. better late than never.... if you look here you can see that a few of us still got it instaled

    thanks it's raining cats and cows here, and in a couple of hours i'm getting 14 guest here for a guarden party ! ohh, well, thats why god, or someone else invented party tents, right? (8x10 meters should be anough?)
  7. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    well, afther the instalation of a wifi net here @ home, i've got some minor trouble hosting, so someone else will have to do that ( the dedi ?) other than that, NOT next weekend ( away for a big bbq) and not the weekend of aug 6th ( hosting an even bigger bbq, guess why...) but other than that, lets try and get a date set for it ( tonight i'd bet be to early..... but feel free to prove me wrong!)
  8. Saddened By The Trend

    by rse ehh? well, atleast that could be promising...
  9. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    and, do you need any more ppl to help test it?
  10. Does It Exist?

  11. *bringing back the dead* just got to say, the main reason for a game to end up in my hands, must be the coop potential... only exeption have been joint ops, withs isn't instaled on the rig... if it doesn't have a good coop, whats the point? best experiences i've had playing online, are coop. remember back in the rb6 days, we were a few that used to huck up a few times a week, perfecting our tactics on the missions. we even got together, and draw up hard copy plans for several maps! you hardly hear of that anymore ( unless you're a die hard player thats going for the world cup or something....) no, give me a game with a good, friendly coop, and i'll be a happy customer!
  12. Does It Exist?

    that was the answer i was expecting, but hoped to get another one..., ohh, well, have found a few i play on anyway...
  13. Does It Exist?

    just wondering, does the aggression dedi still exsist for rvs?
  14. Iron Wrath Gamez ?

    hopefully, if it's not to warm outside ( and, then also inside )
  15. Agr-s

    a bit of history : agr-s started as a faq for the Alt.Games.Rainbow-Six newsgroup. ( in a galaxy far far away, in a not so distant past.....) afther a wile it ended up being a fan site, and evolved more and more, til it became something like it's today. gr.net on the other hand started out just as a fan site. and i agree with T, rvs wasn't worth the mony and waiting time