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  1. Lost Boyz Wants You for RB6 Siege

    Will definitely take a look. I need some casual gamers to play with.
  2. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    I have another burning question: Is this a good buy? If I buy, should I get the "season pass" ? I have been a member for a while, (I joined sometime in the "last century") and I know what many in this community are looking for in a game. Good graphics, solid game play and fun! Its not about the money, but is this game fun to play? Looking forward to hearing from this community about this latest edition of RS6 games. Thank you
  3. Good News! Received the acceptance to the Closed Alpha today. Downloading now. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I hope to play with many of you in game soon.
  4. 2015 AGR-S REBOOT IS GO!

    I like the "new" look. Starting to really get excited about this game.
  5. I have registered as well. This is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I am not selected...................................its great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to you Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    Thanks Rocky!!!!!!!! With the next release in the series coming later this year, its good to see this site still around. Can't wait for as much info as possible! This game, The Siege, looks good!
  7. Got Siege PC specific questions?

    Great to finally see some activity here. I have been posting over at reddit for a while. Thanks Deosl
  8. The knowledge that IF you got shot, it would mean death, game over. Trying to plan your way through a mission, and watching it unfold was the best. Not having to level up your weapons. RS6 kept the tactical Yea.............I'm still around Rocky.
  9. Great news. Really. I have tried all the "rest".................maybe we will return to the "best"!!!!! Seriously, this is good news. The franchise is not dead............and it does remind me of SWAT4.............but I mean that as a compliment. Not enough games have that feel, and tension in game. Nice to see this game has it. Like the original RS6 had. Keeping my eye on this one.
  10. CST here. Most evenings are fine. Just post some times, and I'll try and make it. I have installed RvS again, and it STAYS on my HD this time! Have been playing Co-Op TH, and it still rocks. Looking foward to some Co-Op Missions too. Yea, my skill-set is a little rusty too. (probably the age-factor) I have lived for a "longer-time" than I have left to live. I too would love to see an 'updated' version of this game. Take the best 20 maps from the series, and give it better graphics and stuff. THAT would sell. See you soon.
  11. Thankyou for the help! The game works with PB now! See y'all soon on the battlefield.
  12. The only problem I am having now is my PB cannot be activated. It is greyed out, and I cannot allow it to be activated? Any ideas? Thanks [Post split & moved to Tech Support forum and merged with the existing thread that should help you]
  13. Please post a little more info about the 'server' you are running. I have RVS and IW as well. Will have to 're-install',but NP there. Would like to play some good Co-Op again too. Thankyou.
  14. NO.................sounds about right........................
  15. From what I have read so far, this will be a wait for some reviews before I buy. (I have RS:V1............. ) Its not about playing the "same" game as consoles, but having an Interface Screen that allows me to 'tweak' the settings so MY PC can run the game. No wide screen support, resolutions or even enough KEY set-ups, or re-mapping ability is outrageous. I donot need 'plug-n-play'. I enjoy working the settings to get my system to run the game. I don't expect 100+ FPS, but 40+ is fine. Look at the COD4 screens. They have enough stuff to make any system run the game. Even my old system. Without any of these PC specific features, the game becomes almost unplayable and very frustrating. ( hint: look at FFOW.............. ) Without a "demo", I'll just keep an eye out here to see what many of you like about this new title. OH, I guess that means I am NOT falling for the UBIsoft scam................