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  1. Multiplayer Graphics

  2. Vegas Crashing, Cannot Prgress

    Is there anything the team at Ubi can do to improve the performance or are they stuck because they used an earlier version of the engine?
  3. according to the Mega Charts it is. at this moment i am unable to find the original message, but several dutch game sites are claiming they received a email from Ubisoft itself with this news.
  4. and first impressions are very important. i guess i will just keep hoping for a demo. But i just can not understand what is on their (Ubi) minds. the xbox360 version is getting raving reviews, has outsold Gears of War and all i hear and read about the pc version is complaints about how it looks and runs.
  5. It seems Vegas is another game which will try to drain every last drop of performance from your hardware. have been monitoring the Ubi forums today and there a lot of mixed messages about the performance of the game. Darnit, all i wanted to hear was that it ran as smooth as a babies bottom....
  6. i have been asking myself the same question over the last couple of days and all i can think of is that maybe Ubi has changed the marketing strategy for their games in order to save some money that can be spent on making the games instead of promoting the different versions of the games. think of it, all you hear about these days are the consoles. especially with the Wii and the PS3 just out and more and more i hear about pc gamers switching to the consoles for easy access to their games without having to rebuild their computer for every new game. so it makes sense that a company like Ubisoft would focus their promotions on the platform with the biggest hype and attention from the press and let the other version ride on the same wave with the one they promoted the best, the console version. I think Ubisoft is focusing their attention to the console players to get them to switch to the franchises we all know and love, like Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, in order to create a buzz about those new games and let us, pc gamers, to do their work for them for the pc versions of the same games. Franchises like that already have a big fan crowd on the pc, they want to create the same fanbase for the console version in order to sell more in the future, while the gamers who stick to the pc version will spread the word themselves in countless forums and messageboards.
  7. damn you!!!! you really got me going, i thought that i finally would get to see something here about the pc version. but not to let this thread go to waste: Ubisoft Benelux has announced today that the pc version of Rainbow Six Vegas has been pushed back to the 14th of december.
  8. Is The Demo On Live Yet?

    gamevideos.com has a couple of walkthrough videos of the demo so you can take a look yourself how big the map is. it is looking pretty good in my eyes!
  9. that is awesome news, really looking forward to this game!!
  10. Lockdown Mod?

    yeah, i am afraid that without any tools other then the editor we really can not do much with this game. a shame really, was looking forward to making some cool things for LD.
  11. Lockdown Mod?

    yes, i am thinking about it. I have a couple of ideas that i think will look great in LD. but like the rest i am still waiting to hear something about the release of a SDK. keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. Patch details announced

    Don't worry. i am sure they are busy testing the SDK for us. i hope.....!!
  13. Longer Gameplay Video

    that is awesome!!! thanks for posting it HF!!!! i really like how the team moves and engages the tangos. the character animations are looking great. well, i will be ready to put that fire out!!
  14. Thanks Rse

    exellent post!!!! one thing that really impressed me about Lockdown from the start was the fact i could run it with everything turned on and still it would be as smooth as a babies bottom. just wanted to add something. please, RSE give us some tools to play with so we can start making our own levels and such. that would really make people look again at this game. like said before, this game has real potential!