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  1. Mission Modding

    I just put it back on.. - a forgotten pastime. this game was way underrated So I'm messing with the game.. and it's possible to re-skin, or at least change camo types using a mod folder.
  2. Rainbow Six: Vegas Bishop ? @ Play.com

    Considering the way that Vegas ended this better be good.. Any game with a TBC ending is terribly disappointing
  3. Is The Demo On Live Yet?

    This game is excellent, and CR6 your comment about it being a natural progression is spot on...
  4. Multiplayer Graphics

    I bought it, and unfortunately for me. It won't even run on my PC not enough juice, failed every test in the benchmark pre-run diagnostic but 1 Oh well, time to upgrade I guess...
  5. Patch Released

    Should I re-install this game??
  6. The Regiment Due To Storm My Pc This Week

    Missions are quite tough, but this game excels in Co-Op - been a tad occupied with GRAW lately, but should be playing this game again at some point
  7. Regiment Mp

    i'm all over that when my daughter leaves again mate.. good fun, Mac mentioned your paths of destruction
  8. Help Needed....fao Swartz

    there is an .rsb plugin for Photoshop that came with Island Thunder, might be able to pick that up over at www.GhostRecon.net try a forum search.
  9. Better And Better

    Well, I can say that I don't think I have ever played a game like it it's hard, not so hard that I want to quit, but hard enough that I want to keep playing until I get it right. Mac thanks again, I owe you
  10. Better And Better

    Glad to see it finally arrived Mac, looking forward to catching up
  11. Armpatches

    You can use the plugin from the GR:Island Thunder disc
  12. Armpatches

    As soon as I get the all tan skins changed to Multicam, yes I will be tanning up the weapons Nice patches swartsz any chance you'd want to throw this one in there? Dirka-Dirka
  13. Armpatches

    LD Supports mods, I would think that you could have the subdued flag in a mod folder, if everyone had teh mod, it should wourk? Eddie Price traded in for some Multicam