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  1. Demo ?

    well put.
  2. Registration Email

    I have a minor (and easy) improvement for the registration confirmation page. I'm referring to the page that tells you to check your email to verify your registration for new members. It might be worth adding a note to check your filtered mail folder (Bulk/Junk mail). I have a Yahoo email address and the registration confirmation was automatically filtered into my bulk mail and I was sitting there refreshing my inbox before I realized it. Hope this helps.
  3. Lockdown Previews

    I would MUCH rather have fewer cheats than have an SDK. Yes, cheats will exist regardless, but when the crowd of cheaters is small they're much easier to keep track of and avoid - they become their own little cheating sub-culture who noone will compete against. When there are lots of cheats readily available, then that just creates a state of paranoia and ruins all online competitiveness in the game (which usually determines the life of an r6 title).