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  1. Caught Cheaters

    Yes they were cheating. That member supposedly left, but I think he just changed his name.
  2. Caught Cheaters

    He was with 4, they left ,and he kept getting kills. They all left while I was alt-tabbed. Know how I could do that? I'd love to. I mean, I don't see what excuse or reasoning there is that, that isn't cheating.
  3. Well, anyone who plays ANY multiplayer at all has probably seen one of the few dedicated servers: SoldierZofKaos.com AKA: SoK A few of the SoK clan are in the top leader boards for Lockdown and I think its important that if I see if you guys agree that they were infact cheating. Here is the story: I started LD like any other time, and was looking on the server list. I saw one called: New Maps!!!! I figured there weren't any new maps, but it intrigued me none the less, and the server was ranked and had a good ping so I joined up. There were at the start 4 people, all SoK, and when I joined there were about 9:33 left, so I had a lot of time to wait. So I decided to Alt-Tab, and surf the internet for a bit while I was waiting. THEN, I tabbed back in, and I will show you what I saw: http://img431.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ch15ju.jpg Now this alone shocked me!!! Everyone left, which I had seen before, but 199 kills!!! OMG YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! But this wasn't all, it continued! The kills were going up really fast! About 1 kill a second for a while, then it stopped, and he had something like this: http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ch20lz.jpg Now, at this point It really hit me that this guy has to be boosting or something. So I decided to stay in the server and watch some more. http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ch30ox.jpg There you will see me in the server, and note that Punk Buster was NOT enabled, which I usually don't join...but I didnt notice. Any thoughts?
  4. Ad Poster Changes

    Its not really the same as spyware. But even if you could argue that its spyware, its not very intrusive.
  5. Ad Poster Changes

    Yea they are all over the real game maps as well, in multiplayer. Not too intrusive, so i'll look forward to see what they have next.
  6. Soundtrack

    I'd be bored then. I want my own music. That'd be cool. Still just trying to know if its possible.
  7. Soundtrack

    Im not a modder myself. But after hours of playing Lockdown's multiplayer aspect, the music gets to me. I'd love it if someone told me if it is even possible to mod in my own soundtrack, or at least change it around so the main menu music plays when the horrible multiplayer loading music is supposed to be playing. Just curious.
  8. A Naive Question

    Yea, its great from the multiplayer aspect. I think I play more multiplayer than anyone else on these forums. (well, I havent seen any of you online)
  9. I think that its possible it might be that name, but who can know for sure. Really its not the name Lockdown that made this game less than RvS and RS. Its good, and entertaining, but not much of a leep at all from RvS.
  10. Map Designs

    Does anyone here play multiplayer lol? I was talking multiplayer maps, but thats all good, the single player level designs are pretty cool as well. I am not finished with it again though.
  11. Before I start, I'd like to say that overall I like the map designs because even though they are linear they at least have a lot of variation and different "situations" that are created for multiplayer battle. I have to say, my least favorite multiplayer map so far is Bunkers. Im not sure what went wrong, but everything just gives me a cramped feeling when I play bunkers! The map is very dark, and night vision sometimes helps depending where you are in the map. But When walking in the hallways on either side of the map, that connect the bunkers, you are basically trapped. The bunkers themselves are small, and require awkward crouching and peaking to get any advantage on your opponent. The middle area connecting the two sides is rather cluttered, and in reality provides basically no cover, because they added those side walkways connecting the "big rock" hiding spots. You really need a clear area, or amazing timing to make it across the map. This basically turns the map into a race to see which team can trap the other team on their side, running around awkwardly in their spawn spots, or a sniper map, that is ruined by the lack of mobility on each side. It is annoying you can't even drop down into your hallways if you need cover, you MUST run down the ramps or stairs... I think this one really didn't live up to its reputation this time around. I like most of the other maps, some more than others. If I had to pick a favorite map right now, I would say that 747 is the best map. When you are a Merc, you have time rush outside the plane if you are quick and gain precious cover, or if you don't make it in time, you have plenty of ways of waiting the other team out, with traps on the entrances to the plane. Its rather hard for the R6 team to gaurd the back entrance to the plane, so that way usually gives the mercs a way out of the plane. Once your outside its where the real fun begins because you can use scopes, night vision, single fire, and lots of other cool tactics that you don't get to use much on other maps. Its very open, but its all about how you use the very little cover their is. I find this map has the battles, with perhaps the least spawn camping. Its very hard for r6 to camp inside the plane, but I see sometimes they camp the entrances. This isn't too bad though because the Mercs are safe inside the plane.
  12. I dunno if anyone here has played with me, but i've been online a lot. Not been on too many ranked servers, but I think im 58th or something. Anyways, I was playing, and I started really despising respawns, so I figured I'd give them a break and play no respawns for a while, and no classes. Surprisingly this was lots of fun for 4v4, even though you had to let the map load each time. It eliminates the unfair run speeds of recon class, and it takes away any spawn camping and actually allows you to use tactics. I dunno, but I will be trying this type of play more often now, because sometimes spawning is just horrible, when the other team is fragging before you even appear. Even in free for all, you will spawn, and someone else sees you so they spawn right behind you for a free kill. This game is fun for me right now, but I encourage everyone to try it without respawns, its not too bad. Cya in there.... -Eightball_HotD (8)HotDog
  13. Promises Promises

    You do know, that you just hit Space Bar, and you join right away...
  14. Show Framerate Command?

    dont think there is one
  15. Anyone Bought It Yet?

    Just bought it (actually that drool could be because I need some dinner before I play...) Looks to be great, installed with no problems, add me on xfire - 8hotdog or Ubi Eightball_HotD Catch you guys in there tonight!