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  1. Some Screenshots

    I get a hoot out of watching that Vegas trailer where you see the chopper land, the game has all this detail and physics but the chopper lands like a brick with no suspension give -- it's hilariously cartoon looking... The GRAW Goons do this too, you can jump down from a two meter rise, and you land like you're wearing leg and back braces -- it's so harsh my fillings hurt every time I do it playing GRAW... It's odd that games nearly ten years old (like R6) looked after details like this, but we have king size aesthetic warts in a game that's all about aesthetics spending literally millions of euros/dollars to make the games pretty and 'look' realistic...
  2. Fancy Rope Action

    LOL! If the Ubisofts's just had the insight to make the game deliberately fun and funny like Cpl Ledanek's video, and not take itself seriously -- even with the horribly shallow game-play and the Clancy name I'd have loved it! But with little more then death match play and Rambo/Team America affectations that are as silly as Cpl Ledanek's video would if it were part of the game -- yet Vegas itself seriously, promoites itself as realistic, and expects you to admire the Emporer's New Clothes -- just gets my gag reflexes going. Cpl Ledanek, you should be promoted to Staff Sergeant!
  3. Lockdown ...

    I love the engine this game is on, it's just so close with enormous potential to be 'the' game we were all hoping for -- but the game-play is pretty weak, and the mod support is horribly broken... Still it's a better game then Vegas, though perhps not as slickly produced... Boy if Raven Shield were rebuilt on this version of the RSE engine would that be something to get excited about or what!?
  4. No Leaning In Vegas

    It actually makes me even sadder to see you guys agree with me; I was hoping you'd shoot me down and say: "Oh Waika!" and surprise me with the really important stuff I missed... I really did give the game more then its due though -- I played for nearly two hours, was bored with it in just twenty minutes, and was hoping it would somehow redeem itself -- but it never did... This is a king size bummer, I get no joy what so ever out of complaining -- just the opposite in fact, I'm a really goofy guy IRL, but I really luuuurrrrved the Clancy games, they were just an amazing discovery, as were the cool 'Rocky Sites' and the bazillions of mods! It seems a travesty to see them go the way of so many other games, with so little to distinguish them now...
  5. No Leaning In Vegas

    Well I'll certainly be interested in reading what you guys have to say once you try out the game. I think I had enough time to evaluate it fairly, but I'm always open to what others have to say -- especially those that obviously appreciate and share my enthusiasm for what these games once offered.
  6. No Leaning In Vegas

    I agree Brainman2k Kill.Switch and it's follow on Nemesis Strike offered decent implementations of arcade control features on the PC, and even a semblance of hyper-active tactical play... But they weren't wearing the Clancy moniker, or claiming any tactical sophistication... Now that I've tried the PC version of Vegas, I've come to the informed conclusion that it actually has less to offer then Lockdown as far as what I value in a game -- obviously your milage may vary and everyone should make thier own value judgments. But just a glance at what I consider to be the short-list Vegas' deal-breakers: · absolutely horrible & histrionic voice acting · relentless and idiotic swearing · terrible AI · ridiculous over used post processing effects · horrible render performance for the aesthetic quality offered · no 'Fluid Posture' · no leaning · no prone · no R6 no FPWV option · no option to disable TPP · very spammy, and ridiculously fast MP game-play · very limited server setup · no TFT or wide-screen resolution options · questionable net-code performance · crippled ini and bind tweaking ...make this a game I'm just not motivated to persue unless or untill it's in the $5 bin... Perhaps Vegas will be popular, and even sustain a substantial MP audience; though that would really surprise me, and if it did -- it won't be R6 Fans I understand or can relate to... I bare no one that likes the game any ill will, I just can't connect with anything offered in it -- it's like Counter-Strike to me with a different (and less appealing) paint job, dreadful render performance, really annoying voice acting, and a few gimmicky features, and pi**-poor game-play that's completely lacking any tactical sophistocation or even superficially convincing realism... If R6 Vegas was inspired as some say by movies, it had to be really bad "B" action movies -- just not my cuppa...
  7. Perhaps this was already discussed elsewhere, and is certainly known by those that have played console versions of the game, but there is no leaning in Vegas PC. While I was disappointed back when I heard there was no 'Fluid Posture'; I was totally revolted when I just learned there's no leaning in R6 Vegas what-so-ever! This really took the wind out of my sails; and now it's going take raves from trusted hard-core R6 Fans to change my heart and get me to even consider buying this game or even bothering with a demo; if it's even offered (if I were Ubisoft I sure wouldn't offer one). 'Blind Fire' is what is supposed to replace leaning in R6 Vegas, and the feature is a blatent rip-off (perhaps even abrogating copyrights) from Konami third-person arcade shooters like Kill.Switch and Nemesis Strike. The feature in Vegas is literally identical to Konami's; except the Konami game Developers were thinking about game-play and realised Blind Fire was no substitute for leaning and also offer leaning to preserve more realism in their games. And Blind Fire is clearly no substitute or replacement for leaning; when a player uses Blind Fire (even though the game magically lets you see around corners and objects your player couldn't see around) the feature forces spraying and spamming because the feature forces inaccurate fire in all fire-modes when firing blindly -- you even have a special Blind Fire spam reticule... With no leaning and 'Blind Fire' as your only means of cover based fire-fignting -- the feature guarantees unrealistic fire-fights that will be based on who has more bullets spams the longest. Leaning by comparison provides a means of accurate aimed fire from a position of cover; it encourages realistic use of cover, use of semi-auto fire, careful aim and other realistic skill based marksmansip tactics. The Blind Fire key is in a spray and pray mode by default, even in semi-auto you're forced to hose with a cone of random fire. The Blind Fire key/feature might be a barely ok if the game didn't depend on it, if it was offered an alternative to leaning, and used Blind Fire was realistically scaled for suppression -- but R6 Vegas has no leaning what-so-ever, zilch. I've seen how it plays on the Xbox 360 and had it corroborated by a trusted source the PC game is identical in this regard. This is a totally arcade feature that in the absence of leaning literally forces game-play that is the complete and total opposite of what the game series was originally designed to offer. My bet is once R6 Fans play this game they'll think Lockdown was better, which is about the biggest complement I can pay the game after playing it on the Xbox. I can't feature even if it's bug-free this game will sustain an PC MP Fan base any larger then Lockdown's over the same period of time.
  8. Looks like a Hungarian PC magazine, GameStar got their hooks on a review copy of Vegas PC and has written a favorable review of the game; the review was translated by NecrosHUN over on the Official Vegas PC forums here... I'm quoting it here because the AGR-S forums are so completely bereft of any solid information about the PC title (and for the terminally lazy): Even though NecrosHUN appears to be paraphrasing, and adding his own comments -- the review is definately favorable but at the same time appears to be honest in its evaluation of Vegas PC's shortcommings... No real surprises or new detail, but it's the most solid info about the game we've had since it was announced for the PC... Be sure and give NecrosHUN a pat on the back (or head) in the official Vegas forum thread here for taking the time and making the effort.
  9. Actaul Pc Screenshots

    Apparently screen shots were taken down; some observations posted on the Official Vegas (PC) forum suggest these images were in fact from the Xbox media... So here we are just a week from the proposed PC release of Vegas and what do we have: · no official PC game site · no description of how the PC game will differ from the console · no corroberated PC in-game media · no PC reviews or previews · no official PC game site · no corroberation of a stand alone server · no released or announced demo(s) · no announced SDK/MDK What we do know is: · questionably pretty art assets · linear death-match game-play · may only run at 20 FPS on state-of-the-art hardware (unconfirmed) · a game with one setting and mission: Vegas/Kill · lots of affectation and histrionic assets and features · swearing · horrible voice acting · a premium price tag (where announced) Looks like progress to me...
  10. Vegas Pc Makes A Move

    Negative? You've got to be kidding... I'm as dyed in the wool a Clancy game FanBoy as there is... Don't confuse observation with negativity. This action/arcade console port swill that runs at 20 FPS on a state-of-the-art PC, with histrionic Team America voice acting, linear decades old death-match game-play, ridiculous and bizarre homoerotic affectations is as far from something worthy of bearing the Clancy name as some Hentai game title. I'm far from being the only Clancy game Fan making these observations, heck even Console Fans are expressing their disappointment and disgust. And yes I do play Raven Shield, but the game is so beset with bugs and exploits -- I apologize for even hoping that Ubisoft might be capable of creating a game that could replace or update it...
  11. Actaul Pc Screenshots

    Never! Never give up, never surrender! Seriously, if PC Fans wanted console games I don't imagine as many as there presently are would still be playing on the PC. Perhaps an equally valid angle on your question is; when do a statistically significant number of PC game Fans that have been cutting Developer/Publishers like Ubi lots of slack and still buying the horrible console ports -- give up on Ubi and the Clancy name?
  12. Actaul Pc Screenshots

    Yes now that you mention it those urban outdoor scenes look like they could be right out of GRAW, and it looks like Vegas has the same smeary over used bloom effect, with weird smeary pastel poorly executed monochromatic light effects that are supposed to be atmospheric (but aren't)... What really adds insult to injury is the render performance of this game sounds absolutely abysmal; must be the licensed version of Unreal 3 is aimed more at rapid development tools then optimized game render, or render features that really look that good...
  13. Vegas Pc Makes A Move

    Yeah what the!? What happened to his shirt? Is this Rambo Six, Rainbow Sex or what? Does he appear in the next scene wearing just his little armor cuffs, a vest with cut-outs so you can see his nipple rings, boots, a thong and butt cheek tatoos? Oh goodie... :
  14. Stand a chance of what? Do you honestly imagine Vegas will be popular on the PC, or popular for long if people buy it out of hope or because of its superficial aesthetic appeal? And do you see any rational reasons any Clancy Fan would buy Vegas other then hope and nostalgia considering what has come to pass? Moreover if a few nostalgic forum posts actually hurt Vegas's 'chances' of any measure of success; what does that say about the game? There are and have been an enormous volume of slickly produced, shallow action/arcade and action/realism games. I enjoy and play them too, but only one of over ten thousand titles has ever actually sustained an enduring and enthusiastic Audience that participates at a level like the one that has and still sustains the 'good old Clancy games' -- and that once sustained forums like this with interesting and compelling discussion. I take no pleasure in saying it; but at the rate and direction things are going (by Ubisoft's admission) these forums will be fortunate to have the attention of the few PC Clancy game Fans that do reminisce about 'the good old Urban Ops days'... And when a real alternative arrives, with solid features and game-play that's equal to or surpasses what the Clancy games once offered -- it's difficult to imagine there will even be much time spent on nostalgia... I truly 'hope' Vegas will be a nice game, with compelling deep game design, great multi-player and a lot of addictive replay-ability; I will probably even buy it out of nostalgia. But there's absolutely nothing in evidence to suggest Vegas will have any of these things to offer, remotely resemble previous Clancy games other then in name, and a lot to suggest it will in fact have very little to offer in the way of features and game design that made the Clancy games so compelling and popular. Don't you find that lamentable? I sure do...
  15. Coop Modes

    Rogue Spear COOP included: · Assault · Terrorist Hunt · Hostage Rescue · Defend · Recon I believe there was some kind of mod for unlocking other game mode options for things like 'Scattered Team' in COOP as well. I miss all the attention to detail with play features like AI backup...