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  1. My PC doesn't met requirements. Good luck on those who get invited.
  2. 2015 AGR-S REBOOT IS GO!

    nice job Deosl. though I do miss my old avatar
  3. smell like an old girlfriend is calling me back....hope its not cheating
  4. Map Pack Issue

    Hey Rocky, maybe you can help...blame Jeza for getting me back into RvS here's Jeza trying to help, but ran with one issue UPDATE: Fixed. Using Custom Mission to be able to play Shuttle Mission
  5. Raven Shield 2.0 Mod Is Back!

    Kick ######! Can't wait
  6. Arise ye old forum!!!!!! hehehe....it's all Malleus fault for me making me RB6 envy....so tried installing this game but right off the bat I got CTD. So now I'm doing some Indiana Jone archive searching for answers and patches to install this game properly. I already hit 3dRetreat for the two patches there UO2.05 and UO2.52??? maybe I need to reinstall something else and I tried looking for the v-sync that WK suggested but didn't find it, must be in my Control Panel...still trying to get used to this Win7 advance thanks'
  7. Headache Playing Game

    I'm really sucking at this game and the headaches are not going away. But I really wanna see the rest of the game/maps. Can I copy your save files? thanks
  8. OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 3009 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX (7516) Cannot load package ..\Textures\RS747_T.utx: it was saved with version 412 (current version is 393) History: FPackageFileSummary::VerifyPackageVersion <- LoadSummary <- ULinkerLoad::ULinkerLoad <- UObject::GetPackageLinker <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.Texture RS747_T.overview.RS747_overview NULL) <- UObjectProperty::ImportText <- (ObjectProperty Engine.R6MissionDescription.m_TMissionOverview) <- UObject::LoadConfig <- (R6MissionDescription Transient.R6MissionDescription12) <- UObject::execLoadConfig <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (R6Console Transient.InteractionMaster0.R6Console0, Function R6Game.R6Console.LaunchR6MainMenu) <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop having a bit of nostalgia as you can see...it's patch up to 1.56...advance thanks Oh...there's a 1.6 patch???...lemme try that first... AH! that was it...can delete now.
  9. Mission Modding

    I didn't know LD still has some life into it. Good luck Tink, if you ever get this done, I will repurchase the game.
  10. Headache Playing Game

    I got the Terror Strike (US version) and patched it the latest, The Regiment patch works on it, as long as you direct it to where you installed Terror Strike. Anyhoo, I got a headache after playing the game. Is it the nature of the CQB/ walls/hallways that game me the headache? I've experience something like this before on Doom2, but it was more of a nause/headache, than just a headache. I'll try another day, maybe I'm too tired.
  11. Any Interest In A Walkthrough ?

    will this apply to the US Version: Terror Strike as far as the walkthru?
  12. Patch 1.05

    After patching to 0.5, lost sounds to breaking glass, ricochets, some weapon sounds, objective in Freemont to save reporter missing running on WinXP PRo, Audigy ZS, eVGA 7900GT
  13. Patch 1.05

    I finally see what this in-game adverts looks like....movie "300" splashed all over the casino...so is that what this auto-updater for? trojan advertising?
  14. Can My Pc Run Vegas?

    I'm running at : 2.42Ghz (its AMD 64 3800+) 2GB RAM It's requirement tool is telling me that I "meet requirement" but does not pass "recommended" As far as your CPU, I guess your better than me.
  15. Moving Files

    Sold my Lockdown, really double dissappointed: One I was hoping it could get modded since it ran on gr1 engine, two, it was ported...with no future. I finally got Vegas coz it was $19 at Target...its not RB6, its different tactic and play, fun factor is up, realism down.