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  1. Terrorist Hunt 4 Man Co-op

    Yep, thanks for coming over Rocky. You are always more than welcome to join in. It always bugged me that in the book Rainbow Six, there were at least 8 team members that went on the missions for Team 2. Nine if you count the shrink. Ding- Leader Price- Team SGM Noonan- Techie Vega- Heavy Wep Spec. Paddy- Explosive Webber-Sniper Johnston-Sniper and another shooter I cant remember the name of. I never understood why they decreased it in the game.
  2. Either way, good game or bad, I think that V1 and V2 do have some "fun factors" that cannot be ignored. I have said it from just before GRAW1's release. Do NOT expect this (or any new Tom Clancy title)to be the next "R6" or GR. Red Storm set the bar extremely high. Meeting it is no easy task. Take a look at how much effort and time is being put into GB. For us, gaming is all about expectations. We base what we believe a good game should be by the game-play in OGR, R6, even RVS. The sad truth is that we wont see games like that again unless they are made by the people who used to play them. UbiSoft certainly did not, but BFS certainly did. Regardless whether Vegas 1 or 2 is 'realistic' enough for you, it is still a fun and challenging game. Yes, it is challenging for the wrong reasons like, it taking a whole mag of .45 ACP from a UMP45 to drop a guy, but thats the way it is. Personally I dont want it to be too realistic. If it was, then Hajis could use it to "train" and learn our tactics just the way they did for flying into American buildings seven years ago. Then again, why punish everyone because something MIGHT happen?
  3. Patch 1.06 Out

    All patches should be cumulative.
  4. Official Trailer 1

    Yep, but the helo stabilizing in the air was a cool feature. It wasnt all smooth like in GRAW2. I hope they keep the stuff that made Vegas1 awesome. But we all know Ubi's track record with games.
  5. Who Is Your Favourite R6 Character?

    DING is the man!
  6. Realistic Difficulty Help

    where are you popping smoke?? I used it to cover the computer while its being hacked and stood to the left of it using a crate as cover throwing frags down low in to the chairs while shooting at the snipers. seemed to work well, as I have passed it. It over before you know it.
  7. Red & Black Map Pack Released

    Dust off your mags and lock and load, the hunting grounds are now open!
  8. Patch Update 18/05/07

    Excellent post. Thanks.
  9. Nice New Video

    The blind fire 'option' is also useful for covering fire. With the Ai being as intelligent as it is, they will try to seek whatever cover they can when being shot at. If there is no cover they will keep approaching you. Now, given this, its still generally a bad thing to do especially when the enemy keeps coming up on you. As you will have to change mags as the guy is on top of you. It is best to use this as an aiming tool. center the blind fire reticle on your target, zoom in, and then lean and shoot. perfect for the kill and it decreases the time and amount of you that you are exposed. I like it way better than the 'peek' from OGR and the 'lean' from GRAW.
  10. Patch Status Update 23/04/07

    Wishfull thinking, but I truly hope you're right. If not...
  11. Any Maps ?

    Ubisoft= The PC community= Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six=
  12. R6:vegas Tweaks-- Punkbuster Legal

    I couldnt have done it wthout the guys who did the research in the first place. They are credited in the Text files in each Tweak. Thanks guys. SN6+Medic+=REM=
  13. Multiplayer Problems, Seeking Help

    Yes M8 I agree. Not official but I hear tell that the path may be out near the end of May. Give or take a week or two. NOT OFFICIAL I SAY. But keep your ears open. If you hear better, let me know.
  14. Multiplayer Problems, Seeking Help

    Obvious, but make sure you have updated all patches and the game to 1.4. I bought the game when it came out and didnt like it very much, many CTDs, graphics glitches and so on, so I shelved it. Then came back to it when 1.4 was coming out, just did the 1.1 to 1.4 patch and the game played just about as bad for some reason, some things had obviously been fixed and some things that it said it fixed had still occured. So I uninstalled everything, reinstalled R6 1.0 and started it up and shut it down, and the same for each patch, for some reason I only get a CTD once in a while like maybe 1 out of 10-12 boot ups instead of 4 out of 5 boots. Programs I have found to be strange in this way. Try this, it may help, and its not like there is too many mods to work around like GRAW, oh wait, there are none.
  15. Hi

    Welcome Colin. Enjoy yourself.