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  1. R6 Squad

    Hey Rocky A long time back you had an R6 squad/clan here. If Siege takes off and does well any chance we could see that return ?
  2. IW Download?

    Thought IW MP might work via LAN or TCP/IP but no luck there without the authentication server.
  3. Ravenshield players

    Still looking for players.
  4. Hello Rocky...been a long time. I forgot all about Voobly,time to drag Rogue spear off the shelf and load it back in.
  5. Seems that whatever games I buy I allways seem to end up back playing Ravenshield. I would like to get some folks togther to play some missions,I am available most evenings and am open as far as time is concerned. I am West coast USA and have both 1.60 and the 2.0 mod installed. Regards Walt
  6. Greetings Ray50 Good to see another player here at AGR. If ya want to get together for some T/Hunts or a mission or two let me know. I play online as Paladin (Talon was already taken) and am online most evenings. You will usually find Hammer and myself on the Team Cerberus mission server or Myself and Methusela on the AGC T/hunt server....your more then welcome to join in if inclined. I am usually online after 5 pm pacific time sometimes earlier. Talon/Paladin/Walt
  7. If we get enough people involved we will be looking at gathering the troops 2 evenings a week ,one evening for Hammers side of the pond and one for mine.....so North American players if your interested please post a recommended day and time
  8. Good fun yesterday folks...Thanks to Tinker,Drone and Meth and those that wandered in during the course of things.Ray50 your more then welcome to join in ....as long as I am in game you needn't worry about your skill level, if I seem to be having a good game its more then likely Rosco (My Dog) using the computer again.
  9. Have you downloaded the PB client for RVS ? if not you can find it in the UBI support section http://www.ubi.com/US/Downloads/Info.aspx?dlId=56 First download in the list.
  10. For those interested in some RVS coop missions were going to try to set this up for Friday evenings at 2000 GMT. We have a Teamspeak server up as well . PM ether Hammer or myself for the T/S IP and password.
  11. Howdy KingKat This is a Raven Shield dedicated server located in Washington D.C it is an 8 slot server and can be found via the In-game browser as "Team Cerberus". It is set up as a coop mission server running the stock maps at present.Hammer and I are currently trying to sort out dates and times to hopefully gather the troops for some games.
  12. Now that we are starting to see a little interest does anybody have any map requests that we can load on the server ? currently its only running the stock maps.
  13. Hammer and I now have a dedicated server set up and running co-op mission and hostage rescues. The server name is 'Team Cerberus' currently running stock maps but will be adding more shortly. Paladin
  14. More life left in Raven Shield then I thought ....RVS players out numbering Vegas 2 players online bye a tad short of 2 to 1. Compared numbers several times over the last three days.Thursday 188-96 Friday 240-135 Saturday 221-116,checked around 8pm pacific time. Admittedly not good numbers but surprising to me all the same.
  15. Yup its old ...and no debating the fact that the graphics are dated. lets not forget that RVS and Rogue spear were the yard sticks that all that followed were measured bye and its fairly clear to most all that none of them not lockdown or ether of the Vegas's measured up so why not fire them back up ??? I'll tell ya what has me headed in this direction, I found reasons to like Vegas 2. Hammer ( an Hombre that can play most anything and find a way to enjoy it) and I teamed up to play the campaign and it was a heck of a lot of fun but when we completed it there was............Nothing........nothing but terrorist hunts. Kind of like eating Chinese food ,hungry again in an hour. I am an old fashioned co-op player at heart and there just isn't anything else there once you have played the campaign through. So off I went to my best option for PC games which in my case was Best Buy and what I find sitting on the shelf is none other then Raven Shield ( part of a boxed set called the Tom Clancy Chronicles. GR,RVS and Splinter cell .....$19 ) so back home I went and dug into the drawer of doom for Raven shield and Athena Sword ( Rogue Spear,Urban ops and Black thorn are still in there somewhere) and loaded them back in and patched them up, and in my opinion they are still great games. So what do ya say...... what have we got to lose ? P.S Yeah I know...I have from time to time defended all three of the later R6 titles on the forums I still feel that they are decent games in there own rite....just poorly named.