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  1. Found this on YouTube today https://youtu.be/eMnW2INcglM Hope there's a bit more too it than this type of gameplay
  2. Supprised noone has posted this yet, but on the new GR-FS site there is a link to the new R6 Patriots site R6-P
  3. This seems to have come from nowere ? thought we had seen the last of R6
  4. wow how did i miss this, this actualy looks quite cool
  5. Custom Character

    Interesting. I quite liked this game, its ashame it died a death so quick
  6. Headache Playing Game

    I had the same problems with MOH on the PC and PS2, I also know a few other poeple who have had the same thing. I think its due to the unreal field of veiw, almost like having tunnel vision. I had to stop playing MOH after a couple of hours. and to this day i still can play it for more than an hour with out getting dizzy.
  7. Thats great to hear m8, we need more tactical players poping in to show the kids a thing or too lol, Maybe if we gat enough people who want to play it the right way we could password the server one nite a week for some proper gaming ?
  8. R6v2 " Fan Pack " Details

    DLed and installed the patch Now the game will not run Game screen comes up, you hit PLAY or try to start from the exe and it pops up a message saying "General protection fault History?" and thats all it says Seems the the only cure was a re-install, luckily thanks to Talon i was able to find and save my profile which is in My Document> Ubisoft> Rainbow6 Vegas folder I just copied them before i uninstalled the game and paisted them back when insalled All my stats/character/game saves were intact with only my video and sound setting needing to be reset.
  9. R6v2 " Fan Pack " Details

    Patch 1.03 ready to download here Ubi Patch
  10. Hi guys, Just re-loading lockdown and have a problem when trying to update with the patch. It DLs the patch no probs , but when you try to install it, it pops up an error messege telling me its found "NedCD" running on the PC and to close it and retry ? I belive NedCD is to do with the editor for the game but i cant find anything running with that name !! if i hit retry it then gives me a message telling me that there is a R6 lockdown dedi server software running and to shut it down and retry ?? again i cant find anything running to suggest this ?? Any ideas on this Thanks in advance Hammer
  11. R6 Font

    Have a hunt on the interweb, for the Web Kits both Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six have them. Kit usally includes Screen shots, logos and fonts. I think the Ghost Recon one is on the download section over at Ghost Recon.net.
  12. Rewards System

    Hi guys, coo its been a while since i have been in this forum Just ordered a copy of the game and will be playing by the weekend
  13. Hi

    Hi colin welcome to the forums have fun
  14. I dont think you can set a passworded server and you can only play Terrorist hut on your own
  15. Make sure you have the DEDICATED SERVER button set to NO also make sure that you have not enabled any private slots