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  1. Raven Shield 2.0 Mod Is Back!

    Then @9mins 52secs this happens:    
  2. Raven Shield 2.0 Mod Is Back!

    Ai is also great:    
  3. Rs 747 Remake For Rvs

    Playing through again, great stuff!!  
  4. Raven Shield 2.0 Mod Is Back!

    Works fine with gameranger   Just had a disaster breach....
  5. Forums Upgraded

    Very nice!
  6. Article 5 - No Spoliers

    Urgh...to buy or not too buy still not decided!
  7. Siege Beta Access

    Actually had a lot of fun playing coop, its not R6 of old like my favorites I still roll through Rogue Spear and Raven Shield campaign twice a year or so but if you can get past that and take it as (maybe remove rainbow siix from the name ) coop can be a lot of fun, played for a few hours last night: http://youtu.be/JW5VF2qY_oA
  8. Siege Beta Keys

    Rather impressed with terror hunt actually
  9. Raven Shield 2.0 Mod Is Back!

    Dam the docks!
  10. AGR-S Attending e3 2015

    Hope you guys had a good time!
  11. Welcome, nice to see that you guys dropped in.
  12. Ign Live steam Pc Gamer alphahttps://youtu.be/ibVR7UOLCPc Only took them 3 seconds to crash
  13. What I find 'suspect' and hope maybe it can be turned off is firstly the dam white outlines on all your friendly squad mates kills it big time for me, also the gold guns and crazy camo and perks ect ect...Noooooo
  14. Yeah, there are a few, think I mentioned to rocky a while back about the mission packs and he was kind enough to put them up. 747 mission in raven shield is awesome btw.
  15. Well my tribute would be long and boring as (im 24) my first PC game was R6 and when RS came out was epic, but put it this way I have a £2,000 PC and yet every other month what do I do? Replay all of RS campaign, also without mods, funnily enough I've never used mods for RS. The dam menu music when you login makes you feel too at home!!