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  1. with regards to Vegas 2? I haven't even considered UBISOFT titles anymore
  2. 2 player COOP? is it me or are game devs getting lazier by cutting out the real team size? next RV6, hey kids! great news on Rv6: 3,000, single player coop!
  3. Official Trailer 1

    GIGO is UBISOFTS new motto Garbage In, GARBAGE Out... what a waste of time
  4. Mission Modding

    who has the tutorials for nedpc? god this is a proverbial needle in the haystack. any mod tools overall as well. please?
  5. Kit Restriction?

    I think so yes. how, I don't know. But i feel REAL comfortable with NEDPC editor. reminds me of my old GR1 days Gonna try and get some of the MP maps setup to work in SP terrorist mode