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  1. First Taj Mahal Pics

    The pics look great bbs. Can't wait for the US EW map, always loved that one.
  2. Lockdown Will Be Patched

    Mod tools would be a nice added bonus.
  3. Biodome Available For Downloading

    Serellen going back to his modding roots....sweeeeeet. Thanks for taking the time to finish this. And thanks to BBS for getting most of it done too.
  4. Rainbow Six Vegas Details From Egm

    Darned if that isn't a slap in the face to RSE, pretty unwarranted too I'd say.
  5. Rainbow Six Vegas Details From Egm

    Now that sounds like a great reason to truly mourn the demise of a once great franchise.
  6. New Movies

    Damn, that looks sweet. Thanks for the vids HF.
  7. Armpatches

    Sweet, you used the Death Skull. Thanks swartsz.
  8. Armpatches

    yeah, I particularly like the woodland uni.
  9. Armpatches

    Nice work on the multicam skin Whisper. Love that calico jack armpatch too swartsz.
  10. Armpatches

    Is the subdued flag the one you created swartsz? If so, much better than the original.
  11. Weapons Modding - Models

    Looks really nice swartsz. Hopefully I should have LD shortly. Looking forward to seeing your models in another RSE game.
  12. Weapons Modding - Models

    Wish Mike Schell was still around to convert the original models. Actually he might still be staff at the platoon...
  13. Awesome, really looking forward to playing these. Thanks again for your hard work bigbluesoul.
  14. Looks awesome bigbluesoul. The Dam was my absolute favorite R6 map. Gonna have to reinstall RS/UO now. Any plans to remake the Eagle Watch maps for RS?
  15. Only 29 hours to go. I'm somehow getting the impression that it's probably noe worth the effort either.