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  1. Looks like a pretty cool time. I wouldn't call it "Rainbow Six" with all the fully automatic gun fire being blasted through everything and random wall charges (Hope there isn't another hostage Rainbow), but it looks like a fun game. I can see myself getting angry very quickly from being killed by one of the thousand bullets ripping through every wall, unless they don't go with the "one shot one kill" deal and implement some sort of health system. Although, I suppose that would push it away from the title even further. Reminds me of SWAT 4. Not game play wise, but visually. Does this game have single player? If it does, is there any footage out anywhere of it?
  2. Very true. The planning phase made up half the game, and was one of the major things that made Rainbow Six one of a kind. I still believe Raven Shield was the last real Rainbow Six game, and thats really pushing it. Patriots looks and sounds like it'll be a fun and entertaining game, but I don't think it'll be one of those games people still talk about and play years from now. It's still early though, who knows what will happen.
  3. Gr.net Down?

    GR3 sucks.
  4. New Free Expansion

    Well crap... 93R or new maps... 93R or new maps...
  5. New Free Expansion

    Is it just me or can you not run AS and IW at the same time?
  6. Para Daffy

    http://www.bassfiles.net/parachute.swf 4/10 400
  7. Planning phase?

    I hope they keep it in. This 4-man vs the entire enemy army mess that a million games are doing today is getting lame quickly.
  8. The goggles

    Sound, Ive never cared about graphics (Although nice ones are always a treat), I still think the original R6 looks great. It's radio chatter from your men, and hearing bullets fly by your head does it for me. As for the goggles, I like them. I think they need to get rid of a bit more black trimming by bringing them closer to the players face though.
  9. Not called Iron Wrath

    Really Sexy?
  10. Favorite Map?

    Old city, very fun!
  11. Mission Pack 2

    I hope there is a new story, instead of having to mess with Gutierrez's guys some more. Some more maps in Asia and Africa would be sweet as well. A few more classic maps would be sweet *cough* COE JUNGLE *cough* And a AN-94. And a AK74SU. And a 1191. And...
  12. RVS kills monitors?

    Jeeze, what next? "RVS BLEW UP MY PRINTER!!!" & "RVS DELETED GHOST RECON!!!" ? Ive had this old lug of a monitor forever, and the only thing wrong with it is the dust on the screen.
  13. So who's going to be [Next] ?

    WOW. Just WOW. I don't even know how to start... EVERYTHING, from the missions, to the maps, weapons, and even the classic stuff (had a run around sib)... just awesome... I only played the first mission so far, but it reminded me a lot of the old RS missions. A small amount of tangos (like 11), but in real tricky spots. Good fun! The lighting on the new maps are just incredible, and the cops and SWAT guys standing around are a great touch! Props to UBI for this.
  14. So who's going to be [Next] ?

  15. So who's going to be [Next] ?

    CRAP! They didn't have it today, but there getting it in tomorrow, so I put down some money to save me a copy! w00t-a-t00t-t00t