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"Dude Where's My Computer Game?"

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"Dude Where's My Computer Game?"

By: Ruin

-Long, there's a "To the Point" section near the bottom, look for bolb :).

I'm a HUGE Rainbow Six series fan. I started playing back in the day right around the release of Eagle Watch. No, I'm not as old as some other Vets, but I've been playing Rainbow Six on and offline for a VERY long time.

It's only been recently that I have had Cable Internet and the ability to play me beloved game online without connection failures and plain dumb old lag. And then, Raven Shield came out, the answer to all R6 vets prayers, or so we thought.

The game it's self gets maybe 3.5 stars out of 5. It is a flawed game, but I don't think it should be overlooked either. But this editorial is not the game or it's gameplay, but the community.

I bought RVS within weeks of its release. I made short notice of the SP campaign and I was off to wonderful online play. I'm a huge MP fan, especially Adversarial.

To start with, I was quickly owned. But after some practice, I was towards the top as I had been. Games ran smooth, and gamers were friendly. Server admins took map requests and generally wanted to better their server for it's player (which is why High Capacity Magazines were quickly restricted). I played for hours on end this game I truly enjoyed playing.

Then I discovered pistols Only. What a gem of a game type. I was thrilled. I developed a very quick trigger finger and (not to brag, honest truth) I was damn good. I was ending each round with roughly 10 - 20 kills (except for when Crimson was around :lol: ).

Anywho, RealLife prevented me from having Cable Internet for a very long time, about 9 months. So, alas, no more RVS for me.

But just about three days ago, I picked the game up (which surprisingly was still installed and updated to v1.56 on my PC) and ran headlong into MP Adversarial, Pistols Only. Now, it had been 9 months, so I was extremely rusty, and I just plain sucked. But after about 4 hours of game play I quickly began to regain some of my learned experience. And from here, the game took a fall.

I would enter a Pistols Only server (which has now turned into utter CS style crap - Run and Gun, No Prone, No Peeking, and No Humping are the rules you'll find on most servers - which was not the case several monhts ago). So, I would play, kick some major ######, and then get kicked. Why? Who knows. I returned under the same name once, and was promptly booted after being called a not so pleasant name. Then, being the defiant fool I am, I returned under a different name, and continued to play. Once again, after recieving, no earning, 18 kills in only 4 rounds of gameplay, I was once again booted off the server. Being more and more irritated I said "Fine, I remember THIS server from months ago, I had some really GGs here, let me play." This time, it was worse. I constantly had to wait for terrible custom maps to load, and then the gem of all reasons for being kicked off. I was kicked not because I was winning (which I was), but after I was TKed by the same person twice in a row, I was kicked off, not them, me. The victim of FriendlyFire was booted.

Now, servers are one thing... but people, oh God some of the people make me cringe. I'm a R6 Purist. I believe the game sohuld be played with tactics, skill and presicion, which is why you will NEVER see me carry a Mk23 on a pistols server. The Mk23, the reason for so much hate. I hate that gun, almost as much as I hate those who carry it. Once again, the game I love has been degraded into run and gun CS tactics. "Here, let me carry a gun with a big'ol magazine, and shoot off shots while running circles aroudn you at point blank. If I kill you, I have the right to declare myself *l337* and then say 'What now Biotch?!!?!?!/1/1?!?1/!'" Oh, but it gets better.

Again, I'm not bragging, this is the truth. I also tend to finish the round with the best accuracy on the server. Roughly 30 to 40 percent accuarcy; which, for online play isn't too shabby. I also manage to pull this off while carrying my Desert Eagle 357 or 50. Both are my weapons of choice, and I really wont use any other gun but those. Recently I've been using the 92FS for whatever reason though. Anyway, this automatically calls my skill into question. "OMG! ######?! <Ruin's Name - whatever it is at the time> is a ###### hax0r! Look at his stats, OMG! That's not possible!" Only that's usually with a lot less punctuation and a lot more cuss words. That's usually follwed by me saying "Bring it" and them getting their butts kicked again.

Unfortunatley, some stupid admins believe this whining Mk23 carrying n00b and kick me off the server. I swear, I have NEVER been kicked out of crap as much as I have been recently. Left and Right for NO reason at all. I played on a server with all weapons, no High cap mags, got 6 kills in two rounds, and no deaths. This was a clan server, so of course it was "Clan vs" (which means they stay on one team and all "visitors" are on the other. Basically, this summed up to half the clan not liking getting it's butt kicked, so I was kicked.

To the Point!

Sorry for the ramble, but it was necessary.

I'm appaled by what's happening to my beloved community. It's being over-come by whining, crying, newbie CSers who beleive that how many bullets you can put into someone, regardless of the number that hit the floor, cieling, wall, teammates, dogs, cats, or anything else is the main point of the game. I no longer find games where accuracy and true genuine skill matter. Not at all. It is simply, who can prefire and run around the corner first.

And now the arcadish stylings of R6:4 have me still asking RSE "Dude, Where's my Computer Game?!"

Hear the cries of the people Red Storm! We want the old game back, with better graphics, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, we're all men, we enjoy a few new shiny toys too, but that's to be expected :P

Bring back skill and eliminate (at least minimize) CS-style game play. If I want CS style gameplay, I just load up Steam and have at. But don't make me play it on the ebst game ever!


Thanks for reading ;)

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Yep, playing the game is only half the battle, finding quality servers is a battle in its own right.

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This is nothing new to me. Ever since I started playing games online with Rainbow Six back in 1999, I've always preferred playing with people I know. This, in all honesty, has nothing to do "whining, crying, newbie CSers" - this (the players) is a problem I've encountered in every single game I've ever played online, including all the Rainbow Six games, Ghost Recon and all Half-Life mods I've ever tried. (Sadly, that almost sums up the games I've played online.)

In fact, statistically, I'm willing to bet that I've had more luck finding good servers running Counter-Strike, of all games, than any Clancy game. I had a period when I was playing a lot of CS a few years back, and certain servers were filled with really great people, who actually played as a team. (Not knowing the maps and being a total newbie, I naturally screwed up their plans occationally :P)

In comparison, nearly every single time I've tried playing a Rainbow Six game on a public server, it's either been filled with Rambos, teamkillers or people who call you cheater and boot you for being good. I take that as a compliment, though :)

There's not really anything we can do about this - people will play the games their way, not the way we want them to. I found the solution years ago, though, not long after meeting Rocky: Play with friends :) It's the only way to be guaranteed the game experience you want - and the reason I've pretty much only played Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon online. It's the only games my friends played.

Of course, now I don't get to play with them that much anymore, since the buggers have run off to games like Joint Operations (can't play it without broadband) or Operation Flashpoint (don't have a compatible version). Sheesh ;) (Just kidding, don't hurt me.)

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Yeah, as Day said, playing with friends is the best. I don't know why more developers are overlooking Co-Op play these days. Lots of games are just screaming for Co-Op mode. Anyway, whenever I have a LAN party, it's awesome to play with friends. We can talk to one another and coordinate attacks. Man, you guys are lucky with fast internet connections. The games I look for are mostly single-player experiences because dialup just doesn't cut it online. That's why I was drooling at the mouth back when the RvSh SDK was considered a reality and I wanted to make bots for it. How many games do you know that are in the top ten list that don't have mod support? Not many. Half life is still going strong. Far cry will probably have a longer life. And certainly HL 2. Anyway, Ruin, don't worry about the punks, they're just jealous cause they don't have 1337 skillz. :)

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i still play myself a couple times a week on randon CoOp servers...if i knew there were still interested players around here i would start posting in the games room again... :)

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*bringing back the dead*

just got to say, the main reason for a game to end up in my hands, must be the coop potential...

only exeption have been joint ops, withs isn't instaled on the rig...

if it doesn't have a good coop, whats the point?

best experiences i've had playing online, are coop.

remember back in the rb6 days, we were a few that used to huck up a few times a week, perfecting our tactics on the missions.

we even got together, and draw up hard copy plans for several maps!

you hardly hear of that anymore ( unless you're a die hard player thats going for the world cup or something....)

no, give me a game with a good, friendly coop, and i'll be a happy customer!

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