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X360 V Ps3 Version Video

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Gametrailers have posted a Vegas 2 Xbox360 v PS3 comparison video. As usual with these comparisons, you have to look pretty hard to spot any differences. What I did notice was softer shadows in the X360 version, the PS3 shadows looked quite harsh is some scenes, although the lighting seemed to be slightly better on the PS3 version. The video doesn't give any indication on frame rates unfortunately, as there have been reports of low FPS on the X360 version. If you have any views on the visuals or frame rates, post 'em up!

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360 is better by far...PS3 has plenty of lag problems with the multiplayer since Sony puts no money into it since it is free and everyone uses it...and there are frame rates problem with every PS3 game compared to a 360 game, I've played both and I like the 360 version much better :)

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