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Rainbow Six 2.0 Malleus' AI Mod 1.05B Tactical Review

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I'm posting this here to share, it was originally posted by

midnabreu at ghostrecon.net.


Thank you sincerely for all your hard work. This is an absolute game changer for Raven Shield and the Tactical genre. This is some of the absolute best AI I've worked with in a tactical shooter and is revolutionary. This is the elite counter terrorism AI that should have been from the classic release.

Note: I wonder if Malleus has any AI mods for the original Rainbow 6 and Rouge Spear?


Raven Shield 2.0 and Malleus' AI MOD
You can get the latest version 1.05 from here:
Remove Googles:
RavenShield\Mods\ravenshield.mod file in your game folder and edit that file with notepad. You just have to comment out the command line "m_PlayerCtrlToSpawn=RVSComplete.RVS2PC" by adding a double slash "//" in front of it and save
--1.00 Features
Stop To Engage ROE
-when set to Infiltrate or Recon, AI will stop to engage
-when set to Assault, AI will fire on the move
-ROE no longer switches from Infiltrate or Recon to Assault without player or plan input
Plan accordingly. This only applies to AI led teams - AI in player led teams will just follow the player.
Strafe Fix
-the AI will now strafe when the angle between the direction to the actual waypoint and the next waypoint is between 45 and 135 degrees
Originally it was just a 45 degree rule, but that meant that when the AI was supposed to make a 180 degree turn, they went backwards to that waypoint, and sometimes, got killed...
Single Shot
-the AI will now fire in Single Shot mode with all weapons except the USAS-12
USAS-12 is too slow on Single Shot, but otherwise R6 team will conserve ammo with other weapons this way, and also, pros don't use full auto smile.png
Emergency Swap
-if the AI runs out of ammo and there are still enemies in sight, it switches to the secondary weapon instead of attempting to reload the primary
Happens very rarely, but it can get the team member killed. Now they have slightly more chance to survive, since it's quicker to draw the secondary than to reload the primary.
Wide FOV
-AI peripherial vision is now set to 120 degrees from the center of view
Original setting is 80 degrees. This is to compensate for the fact that the AI doesn't look around, and to prevent some embarrassing deaths.
Execute ROE
-when set to Recon, AI will arrest surrendered terrorists
-when set to Infiltrate or Assault, AI will execute surrendered terrorists
Stopping to arrest tangos can screw up the pacing of the plan, and put the arresting operator at risk. AI in player led teams will ignore surrendered enemies on Recon unless told to secure, and shoot them on Infiltrate or Assault.
This does not apply to Gutierrez and Miccini
No Run'n'Gun
-if the AI is set to Blitz speed but encounters an enemy, it will slow to a walk until the next waypoint which tells them to Blitz again
No Firing while Crouchwalking
-if the AI is crouchwalking, it will stop to engage

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