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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay - First Impressions

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I've seen a lot of videos from those who attended the preview event and this one is the best. Jackfrags dares to say what works and what doesn't in a constructive manner.

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Happy for the game to have an abundance of different features. All I want is the ability to set up my chosen server to my liking and allow players to pick and choose a server that best matches their play style and preferences. If you want to have heart sensors and kill cam then all the more power to you, however I would like for these to be omitted from those servers I play on, or I could see this eventually being a major downside to MP should they become game breakers.

Looks great though, love the ability to blow up so much of your environment. Hope they can stop legs from sticking out of walls though.

Would also agree to the idea of less spray and pray. Raven Shield used to punish this and it really made you have to consider your shots more before you let fly with the trigger. Ghost Recon another one that would penalise you praying and spraying.

Mod? Can we mod the game to our liking?

And what about so old school maps?! Potential of UBI going down the DLC route and selling us these things at a price?

Oh and clan support from release?

Overall though that is a promising start. Have my pre-order in already whatever the results of the above might be, I will be sure to play that game a lot as choice is not wide on the FPS front these days - well from personal experience anyway.

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