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R6 Squad

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Hi and welcome Pedro!

I think you should write something short about you, specify what platform(PC or console) and country/timezone you are in :)

I'm sure more teams will be looking for members once we near the release of Siege.

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I play with Legion of Sparta , pretty sure they will add siege to their list ;)

Hey Rocky

A long time back you had an R6 squad/clan here. If Siege takes off and does well any chance we could see that return ?

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Yeh that was cool back then eh?

It took a lot of time for me though, this time around I am going to focus on web content and squeezing in game time when I can - so I won't have time to run a squad. If someone were interested in picking it up though and running a R6 Siege Aggression Squad, I'd be all up for that and provide resources for it.

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