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Shield Squadron a tactical clan for Rainbow Six Siege is NOW RECRUITIN

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Shield Squadron HOW IT ALL WORKS


Mission Statementent

Our mission is to create and sustain a topnotch gaming experience for those players who understand the value of teamwork.
Shield Squadron is a Rainbow Six Siege clan comprised of a select group of men who are interested in tactical gameplay. We're not interested in building anything flashy or earth shattering, just a group of players who share the same interests in a particular style of gameplay. Our focus is to apply basic military concepts in squad organization, formation and tactics to make for a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience.
Please review the 'Clan Prerequisites' below and if you meet them follow the recruitment procedure. We're eager to get in touch with players who want to add another dimension to Rainbow Six Siege gameplay.
Core Values
Teamwork - We are ever focused on strengthening ourselves within the context of the team, as it is the strength of the individual within the team that brings value to the gaming experience.
Honor - We have no use for liars, cheaters, cowards, quitters or other vermin.
Excellence - We each strive to be excellent players whose ability to work as a team, whether we lead or follow, is a valuable asset to other players.
Clan Prerequisites
  • Must have a working microphone and headphones (the latter insures we don't get echoing during gameplay communication).
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. There are absolutely no exceptions at all, ever.
  • People who are into having fun but also playing in a serious tactical fashion that mirrors a military level of teamwork and seriousness.
  • We only accept players who have the attitude of 'either lead, follow or get out of my way.
  • Must be okay with profuse foul language.
  • Must not be a crybaby or other whiney maggot.
  • Must have no qualms about people getting a little excited, angry or ###### off. This doesn't mean that yelling in the microphone will be tolerated, but if the squad leader raises his voice a little and says, "What the %$#@ are you doing?! Take him $#!@&^%$ down," the response to be to follow his order, not complain like a pantywaist.
  • With the above stated, military experience is preferred but certainly not a requirement.
  • Absolutely no know-it-alls, pompous vermin or scumbags who don't have patience with noobs.
  • Absolutely no cheaters.
Recruitment Procedure
If you meet the above list of 'Clan Prerequisites' choose one of the following steps.
Voice Interview
1. Download TeamSpeak 3 Client here. Install it, click 'Connect' from the 'Connections' drop-down menu, enter the above info and a username of your choice and you're ready to rock. TeamSpeak 3 is free and easy to use.
2. Once you are logged into our TeamSpeak 3 server you likely find someone in the channels ready to speak with new recruits. You will not be restricted from entering any other channels, so if no one is in a open channel, simply right-click someone's name and use the "Poke Client" function to send a message. Just say hello and you should get a response within a minute or two if the person is online. If you were unable to get anyone's attention please click here to submit an application so someone can get back with you.
port: 4464
password: ( there is no password )
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Friendly hallo to the Rainbow Six Siege | Community http://www.shieldsquadron.com

I wanted to extend my good wishes and hoping the community is enjoying terrorist hunt and vs. modes. If you can get the bloody thing to work that is lol.

Also a welcoming shoutout to our 2 new wolf additions to our pack. T1aO_DJ and Sunde, really exceptional and friendly per of individuals. These too players are really giving it a 100% with flanking manoeuvres and nail biting breaches.

To celebrate this awesome event! I would like to give back to the community that we take from, so here is some advice that I wanted to share in order to grow our community stronger. Thanks again all and see you in the field.


4 Basic Ideas that make Clans Great

Below you will find four very basic ideas that can help to ensure success in a new clan, and help to save an old one, lets count them down shall we…

If you have made plans to grow and expand, chances are good that you can harness this idea. You must understand that the gaming world changes, and the game you play now may be old news 5 years from now, your site, rules, and most any other aspect of your team may succumb to the ever changing world of gaming.

Number 1: Be flexible and evolve with the changing times!

That certainly doesn’t mean you should jump on every fad and new concept that crosses your path, but you should be open to them. It also doesn’t mean you should abandon your identity at the drop of a hat and start new with new ideas or a new game. Relish and savor your history (your team will appreciate that) but explore the options and prospects of opportunity as they arise.

Number 2: People-Friendly

Clans are by nature a group of people, and people interact. Maintaining a good tone and openness towards visitors can have a strong impact on your ability to recruit new members as well as provide you with a reputation of good will. Be it on the server, the forums, or in seperate communications, keeping up good relations will pay off in the broader scope of things.

Invite and welcome all you can!

This openness can cause a bit more spam, perhaps some unwanted debate, or even the unhappy visitor, but in the end you will certainly communicate with more interested prospects than unwanted ones.

Number 3: LifeSharing

We make friends pretty easily on the Internet, and we remember other gamers well. Be it the clever tag, the name they use, the funny comment they made on the server last night, or the incredible video they shared with us on the forum, we connect better online than in real life. Getting to know your team well, and in turn letting the team know you well can make a lasting impression on everyone. Take the opportunity to talk about events in your life, and explore the events of others.

Get to know your team, and share yourself!

Some can go a bit beyond the threshold here and share WAY more than we really need to know. Keep things on a “new friend basis” until everyone feels comfortable discussing more.

Number 4: Have FUN

The single biggest idea in gaming clans is fun, fun, fun. Nobody joins a team because they have to, and nobody stays in a team that they don’t enjoy. Taking things too seriously can permanently damage your team, and without some rather frequent “Goof-Off” time you can expect to crash hard and fast. There is nothing wrong with doing some serious training, practice, or work for the team, but if you want it to be a big success have fun with it!

Enjoy yourself! And visit us at www.shieldsquadron.com

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Hi Everyone !

I wanted to welcome our new recruits into our clan, giving them a shutout, x1m0x, DanCer. Two awesome players and really fun individuals to hang around with. May the FORCE be STRONG with both of you and make yourself at home.

If you are considering finding tactically like-minded individuals that bring different tactical flavours to the table then do consider giving www.shieldsquadron.com a view. We are open to all and huge RAINBOW six siege NERDS! Have a good time and see you in the field gentlemen.

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