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Raven Shield Arms

Raven Shield has over 50 weapons, the weapons that are totally new to the Rainbow Six series are as follows : -

Mac-11/9 Machine Pistol

  • Micro-Uzi Machine Pistol
  • SR-2 Machine Pistol
  • MTAR-21 Bullpup Sub Machinegun
  • USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun
  • TAR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle
  • Type 95 Bullpup Assault Rifle
  • VSS Vintorez Silenced Sniper Rifle
  • 23E Light Machinegun

We will have full details of each and every weapon soon, until then check out the official sites Weapons section, which is pretty neat!

You don't need big guns to make a blast of a performance when playing online poker. This is great entertainment with secret weapons like: rakeback and bluffing

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