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Black Thorn FAQ

Q Do I need Rogue Spear to play Black Thorn?
A No, Black Thorn is a stand-alone package that plays without any of the other Rainbow Six titles.

Q Where can I buy Black Thorn?
A Black Thorn is available for $19.99 from Amazon.com

Q Does Black Thorn have a new game engine?
A No, Black Thorn will look and play exactly like Rogue Spear.

Q How many missions are there in Black Thorn?

Team Rainbow will face 9 brand new single player missions in Black Thorn, and a new multiplayer games; The new multiplayer mode is called ‘Lone Wolf’, as appears to be taken from a somewhat popular game type invented by Rogue Spear players. One player gets the normal load-out, while the rest get pistols only. Then the objective is to take down the ‘Lone Wolf’. The winner becomes the ‘Lone Wolf’ in the next round.

There are 6 new multiplayer-only maps, including new locations and new versions of your old Rogue Spear favourites.

Q How many new maps are there?

As well as the 10 mission maps from single player games, there are 6 new multiplayer maps.

Q Will there be any new weapons?

In addition to the weapons from Rogue Spear, there will be fourteen new weapons in Black Thorn – two of which are terrorist weapons and only available in multiplayer games.


FN Five-seveN
Sig P228
Steyr SPP
Submachine Guns
Beretta M12
FN P90
Steyr TMP

Assault Rifles

GALIL ARM (Terrorist)
Valmet M88 (Terrorist)

Sniper Rifles

Sig SSG3000

Machine Guns


Q What's the story behind Black Thorn?
A A group of copycat terrorists are causing havoc as they replicate acts of terrorism around the world. Tracking down and neutralising these killers presents Team Rainbow with its greatest challenge to date. New intelligence suggests that the leader of this group is infact an ex-Rainbow member! Kicked out of Team Rainbow by John Clark for torturing a captured terrorist the madman has vowed vengeance and formed a new well armed and motivated group of terrorists - Black Thorn!

Q What is Black Thorn?
A Black Thorn is the newest addition to the highly successful Rainbow Six series by Red Storm Entertainment. It will be more comparable to Covert Ops Essentials than Rogue Spear in terms of content and “new stuff”, but it does have a few things COE does not have, namely a ten-mission campaign and a variety of new firearms, as well as a new multiplayer game mode.

Q What are the minimum system requirements for playing Black Thorn?
A -Pentium 266MHz MMX without Hardware Acceleration or Pentium 233MMX with Hardware Acceleration.

-Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me with DirectX 6.0 or higher.

-32MB of RAM (64MB recommended).

-500MB of free hard disk space. Additional 100MB free disk space on primary hard drive required for proper Windows swap file allocation.

-DirectX 6 or higher compatible 2D video card, capable of 16bit colour.

-Direct 3D compatible video card required.

-4X CD-ROM drive.

-Microsoft DirectSound 6.0 compatible sound card required.

-Internet/Network Play: Properly configured TCP/IP connection at 28.8KBPS or faster.

Q Where can I read some previews?
A Gamespot | Ign

Q Is there an Official site?
A Yes there is!



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