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Covert Operations FAQ

Q Can I play COE on Windows NT?
A I believe Windows NT can only use Direct X 3. All Red Storm Entertainment DirectX titles use higher versions of DirectX than version 3. Windows NT will not be supported until Microsoft makes NT compatible with later versions of Direct X.

Q COE keeps asking for the disk, when its already in the drive!
A When Covert Ops asks for the disk, simply insert your Urban Operations disk.

Q Where can I find a walkthrough for the CO missions?
A Pie's Tactics has walkthroughs here

Q Do I have to play the missions in sequence?

No, you can download a small patch that allows you to explore any of the three missions on any difficulty level in Covert Operations without having to play through the levels initially. Get it here.

Q What can I do about "choppy" playback, and display problems on the Training CD?

There are some steps you can take to solve this problem

  • Voodoo 5 In the Anti-Aliasing properties menu select "Single Chip Only"
  • nVidia Gforce and TNT Update your drivers
  • Other Cards Contact Ubi Soft support
  • DXDIAG Make sure both the Direct3D and DirectDraw buttons are "Enabled"
  • Configure Utility is on the Training CD. Select your video card from the list. Make sure "software renderer" is not selected. Select the lowest resolution (640x480), then click ok.
  • UBI FAQ check for solutions on this problem here

Q How do I use Mods with CO?
A In order to use Mods you must be playing Urban Operations, with Covert Operations selected as a mod. Any mods you wish to apply to CO then have to be placed with a higher priority. Make sure the mod and CO are both selected as active.
In order to Mod CO you must have Urban Operations version 2.52 patch.

Q Covert Ops what's that?
A CO was released in September 2000, and is part of the R6 lineage. It is a standalone game, that can also be played as a Mod through Urban Operations. As well as brand new maps and mission, there is also a superb disk full of real world special forces information and movies. The Official Redstorm site is up here.

Q Does CO use the same game engine as R6?
A Magic Lantern have used new ShowTech technology which aids in blending content with interactivity, making for a more immersive gaming experience. The actual code is the same as that used for Urban Operations.

Q What involvement does Tom Clancy have with CO?
A Tom Clancy helped with research and even provided some video footage.

Q Will I need Rogue Spear to run CO?
A No, Covert Ops has a RS executible installed - so it runs stand alone. There are even training missions for those unfamiliar to the R6 series of games.

Q Does CO come on one disk?
A No - it comes on two. The game complete with nine all new missions will be on one disk while the other will be full of Covert Operations facts and figures. The second disk will hold video footage, interviews with field experts, an interactive weapons database and even an “Officer Candidate School” test.



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