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Newsgroup FAQ

Q The Purpose of alt.games.rainbow-six (AGR-S)
A The primary newsgroup for discussions pertaining to Redstorm's Rainbow Six and all of its sequels. Topics should relate, but are not limited to, tactics, mods, skins, clans, weapons, hardware, software problems, and game patches. This is not a moderated newsgroup, it is however patrolled by Regulars who will keep the peace and enforce the FAQ if necessary. Binaries and Spam are not permitted.

Q New to the Group?
A Before you post a problem, read the rest of this FAQ and use your newsreader to search past posts on the same subject. This is the quickest way to resolve any problems or questions you have. This will also help you get a feel for the group and the way things work. The other reason for doing this is maybe your question has been answered in another thread, and no one like to answer a question 10 times in 1 week. Try running a search at deja.com for threads that may have expired on your server.

Q Posting
A Don't worry about whether you post before or after the previous post. But due to bandwith, of the user (not the newsgroup),it is proper to trim any of the previous post that are not relevant to your reply. If you going to post something off topic put an OT in the subject line so we can know. Don't worry about wandering off topic once a thread has begun, while to some this may be irritating, it can add flavour to the group.

Try to keep swearing to a minimum, this may be hard at times, but it really gives a negative vibe to the newsgroup. AGR-S is visited and helped by Redstorm employees, should the newsgroup degrade into ugly flame wars we may lose their valued help. If you are offended by someones reply, try and use humour instead. It's one way to keep the trolls out, and may even give someone a laugh.

Q Cheats and trainers
A If your looking for cheats and trainers this is not the place. If you cheat you will never get better and you will quickly get bored with the game. Besides these direct effects on you, it effects others. They get frustrated because of your unfairness, decide not to play anymore because the game is ruined. Or they give in to your idiocy, and become cheats themselves. If someone comes to the group look for cheats they will be persuaded to change their viewpoint.

Q Where is Alt.Games.Rainbow-Six?

If AGR-S is on your news-server you can see it by clicking here
There is a sister newsgroup at news:alt.binaries.games.rainbow-six which carries R6 binaries.

If your current news-server does not carry agr-s, e-mail them and request it is added. If you have any difficulty the biggest and best free new-server carries agr-s, and you can sign up here

Q What is Aggression?
A Aggression is the name of this website. It is cleverly mastered from the initial letters of the newsgroup Alt.Games.Rainbow-Six.

Q Terms
A A list of terms used in the RS community can be found by clicking here



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